Most Memorable Slot Scenes In Movies

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slot scenes in movies

Slots can be not the most popular casino game to film, but there are still many memorable slot scenes in movies. If you want to experience how to hit the jackpot like in Hollywood, here are 5 films to watch.

Numerous Hollywood movies have some scenes shot in Las Vegas or Macau casinos. Most filmmakers prefer focusing on baccarat or poker players though as they look more cinematographic due to expensive clothes and luxury atmosphere. However, playing slots can also funk a movie up. To convince you, we have chosen five memorable slot scenes in movies that fully transmitted the spirit of this game.

The Casino has great slot scenes in movies

A 1995 Casino is among the first films coming to mind. Directed by Martin Scorsese, this classic movie is worth watching not only due to the gambling theme but also for the amazing cast. Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, Sharon Stone, and Alan King play characters whose prototypes were once living in the US. 

The Casino film follows the plot about an American gambling expert Sam “Ace” Rothstein (De Niro), who has to spy on Tangiers Casino operations for the local Mafia. Obviously, most scenes in the movie are filmed inside a luxurious casino featuring various gambling games. Slots is one of them with a long and funny scene near machines. De Niro’s character reveals scamming when there are two big jackpots hit at the same time. The floor manager, who is a bumpkin, explains it as luck, so Ace fires him for “being stupid”. Besides this moment, Casino is a great film to watch for gamblers of Intertops Casino.

slot scenes in movies
You must see those.

Race To Witch Mountain shows a nightmare of every casino

A short but really memorable slot scene was shown in a 2009 sci-fi film Race To Witch Mountain. It is probably the biggest dream of gamblers playing slots in the US and the worst casino’s nightmare ever. If you plan to watch the film, here are a few words about the plot.

Jack Bruno (Dwayne Johnson) is a taxi driver, who accidentally meets Seth and Sara – two aliens with paranormal abilities dressed like common teenagers. He agrees to just get them a lift to their destination but gets involved in a dangerous adventure after learning about their origin and goal. Once escaping from the government agents, the trio gets trapped in a casino. To avoid captivity, Sara makes all slot machines in the room to show winning combinations. Every single gambler hit a huge jackpot, which causes total chaos, and allows protagonists to run away.

Besides Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Race To Witch Mountain has actors you may know. AnnaSophia Robb from Bridge To Terabithia plays Sara, Alexander Ludwig from Hunger Games stars in the role of her brother. If you like this movie, try playing fantasy-themed slots too as they also have a mysterious and fantastic atmosphere.

What Happens in Vegas (stays in Vegas)

If you like playing slots, you will like the next film featuring slot scenes. What Happens In Vegas is a 2008 romantic comedy starring Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz playing a couple who gets married during the night-out in Vegas. The next day both are shocked by their decision and decide to divorce when they are back in New York. However, Kutcher’s character hits a huge jackpot in slots, so Diaz’s heroine decides to claim her part as a wife. It turns out that a small slot machine sets the stage for the adventures of two. If you don’t want to end up like this, watch your gambling behavior in a casino.

Watch all Ocean’s Trilogy for casino moments

The Ocean’s trilogy is a classic franchise following a casino theme. You may remember lots of gambling games from two previous films. If speaking about slots only, the third part has one of the most memorable slot scenes in movies. It is not too long but brilliantly shot and important for the plot. 

slot scenes in movies
Great slots great movies.

In Ocean’s 13, Brad Pitt and George Clooney’s characters still try to avenge their friend and take down a casino to punish its owner. They decide to hack the system to make a casino run out of money after making huge payouts. Their plan also includes affecting the food reviewer’s decision, who is going to inspect casino & hotel restaurants. Men make him sick and force him to leave the casino, but offer to play a slot machine on his way back. The reviewer follows their advice and hits the jackpot, which means that taking down the system was successful.

Slot scenes in movies: Vegas Vacation

Vegas Vacation is a 1997 comedy movie about gambling. It is the fourth film in National Lampoon’s Vacation series that features a casino theme and slots in particular. The Vacation franchise follows the story about the Griswolds – Clark and Ellen as parents, Rusty and Audrey as their children.

Clark is a gambler, who experiences bad luck playing card games. He loses a game after game and even fights with the dealer at one point. At the same time, his son Rusty is extremely lucky at slots. He hits jackpot after jackpot and wins a total of 4 cars instead of money. At the end of the movie, all members of the Griswolds family drive these cars on their way to a new life, while Rusty is thinking about playing online slots to win even more. To our mind, he would definitely choose Intertops Casino as the most reliable online casino in the US with regular payouts.

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