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Posted: March 30, 2022

Updated: March 30, 2022

  • Lucky dreams or prophecies?
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Dreams are still these vague and uncharted territories that some try to discover. There are hundreds of stories about dreams that came into reality. For example, the woman who dreamed about the Titanic’s catastrophe and didn’t board the ship. Some famous people owe their success to their dreams, like Tesla or Stephenie Meyer. Also, there are people who even dream of lottery numbers. Whether it’s a prophecy or a wishful prediction, a few of them played those numbers and won. Lucid dreaming might be the key! It is an intermediate state of consciousness between waking and dreaming. In the process of conscious dreaming, we realize that we are dreaming. There are several relatively simple exercises for people to learn to control their dreams. The most prominent researchers in the field also recommend specific tips for mastering this ability. We will show you how to dream the lottery numbers!

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A trip to Dreamland – Lucid Dreaming

Your dreams can be beautiful, confusing, or even scary. One thing is for sure, whether you remember them or not, you still dream. Have you ever thought that you could control your dreams? What if you can turn sleeping to your advantage. What’s more, in your dreams, you can do whatever you want without consequences. The name of the method is lucid dreaming. When you sleep, your brain stays awake, processes, and stores everything you experienced the day before and before that.

You remember your dreams best during the REM phase, as this is when sleep is least deep. While dreaming, you can experience quite long scenes in just a few seconds which seem like days, weeks, or years. Lucid dreaming can also happen on its own, you don’t have to do anything. Probably that happened to the lucky lottery winners and also, occasionally, with us. However, if you do it on purpose, you need guidance. On the first try, you may wake up as soon as you realize you are dreaming. This is perfectly normal, as you will suddenly be so excited about the experience that it will shock you. Though, you will learn to stay calm and take advantage of your dreamworld nicely over time. If you can stay in the dream, have fun at first! That is your own, personal world, after all. 

How To Dream The Lottery Numbers
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Flying in your dream is one of the most common exhilarating feelings. A few steps and you are flying without fear. Later, as you get better at controlling lucid dreaming, you can test the waters with more serious things. Research has shown that when we raise one of our hands in our dream, the nerves responsible for raising the hand will be active, just as when we do it awake. For example, if we exercise in our sleep, run, or lift heavy weights, our heart rate will increase. So why wouldn’t it work with manifesting something you want? When we dream, we usually can’t make a difference between reality and dreams. So anything is possible. Just like the examples below prove it. Now, we will explore how to dream the lottery numbers!

How to Dream The Lottery Numbers

There are levels of lucid dreaming, in which, consciousness can gain additional control over the dreamed events. Moreover, you can develop this skill. The late Paul Tholey, one of Europe’s leading researchers on lucid dreaming, offered specific tips for learning about conscious dreaming. Though, the state of lucid dreaming was first described by Frederik van Eeden, a Dutch psychiatrist, in his 1913 study: A Study of Dreams. To understand the nature of lucid dreams, we must take into account that our consciousness must digest and react to a variety of information. 

How To Dream The Lottery Numbers
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The creative combination of information can result in feelings like flying, or floating, which is common in conscious dreaming. In this state, your mind will not know the difference between fact and fiction, so this is how you dream the winning numbers. Most people experience a lucid dream as a spontaneous experience, but it can also be caused voluntarily with the help of some methods. Perhaps the easiest and best known of these is the technique that Paul Tholey described. They also formulated ten steps for the acquisition of conscious dreaming. There are several other tips on how to dream the winning numbers at online lottery sites in the US.

Ten Steps to a Lucid Dream

1. Ask the following question several times a day! Am I awake, or Am I just dreaming? Be serious about it since your mind doesn’t know the difference when you sleep.

2. Imagine that you are dreaming! So when you dream, you will recognize the situation as a dream, and from then on, you will be able to control it.

3. Check your recent and distant past! Is it about a memory, a wish, etc.? Does it make sense?

4. Ask yourself the first question in any situation that could be typical for a dream or when you are emotional.

5. If you have recurring dreams, ask yourself the first question in any situation similar to one of your recurring dreams. Pay attention to signs that happen in your dreams and then in real life, for instance, dogs, birds, cars, etc., then ask yourself the question!

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6. If you often experience extreme dream situations that cannot occur in reality, such as flying or falling, try to imagine yourself in that situation with the same feelings!

7. Fall asleep with the thought that you will have a conscious dream, do this even if you sleep during the day!

8. If you can’t remember your dream at first, which is normal, write a dream diary. You can practice recalling your dreams with this.

9. Visualize a simple action in your dream, like lifting a car or something impossible, before falling asleep. This way, you can check your 

10. Practice regularly, but do not pressure yourself! Be patient!

How to Dream the Winning Numbers – Methods That Help

Remind yourself before bed that you want to remember your dream. It is not necessary, nor is it easy, to go straight for a lucid dream, like everything, you have to ease yourself into it. Before going to bed, decide that you will control your dream. Let this be your last thought that day. When you wake up, stay motionless with your eyes closed. Let yourself stay in that peaceful state for a bit. Set your alarm a few minutes earlier, so you will have longer to wake up and give you enough time to recall your dream. 

How To Dream The Lottery Numbers
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That is the state of the brain that mind control uses successfully. Do not eat heavy food for 1-3 hours before bedtime. It is also best to skip out on checking social media or the news before bedtime! No phone, no TV, nothing that provokes, especially negative, powerful feelings. That could heavily influence your subconscious, which, in turn, will wave itself through your dreams. If you question whether you are awake or asleep, pinch your nose and try to breathe through it. If you succeed, you are in a dream!

How to Dream the Winning Numbers

A man won 1 million Australian dollars in an Australian lottery. The lucky man did not reveal his identity but made a statement after winning the prize, saying he had dreamed of the winning numbers once, 13 years before. He has always played them ever since. He never gave up on his dream, and one day, after checking the result of the draw, the numbers finally decided to bring him luck. Though it wasn’t the first time he had won big with those numbers, but nothing so grand. Of course, he continues to play with them. 

Another example is a Canadian woman, who had been playing with the same lottery numbers for nearly 30 years when she finally won the $ 5.3 million jackpot with them. Olga Beno, who lives in Nova Scotia, said she dreamed of them a long time ago, in 1989. She has been playing the lottery regularly ever since, and even though it took decades, she won big. She was battling cancer for years at the time, and the money was tight when the Gods of the lottery seemed to answer her prayers. They picked her numbers on the draw in 2017. This is how lottery jackpots can change lives!

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In 2018, a man from Virginia, who saw the numbers he bet on in his dream, won a fortune in the lottery. Victor Amole dreamed of the numbers 3, 10, 17, 26, 32, and when he woke up, he thought he would give them a try. The man played them on four tickets. The draw came, and the impossible became possible: his numbers won! The man won $ 100,000 per ticket, so $ 400,000. The man shared that he wanted to invest the money. We would bet that if he dreamed of numbers again, he wouldn’t hesitate for a minute to rush towards the first lottery. He commented on how to dream the lottery numbers that you have to want to win the jackpot but don’t be desperate about it! If it isn’t motivating, we don’t know what is! Try your luck at TheLotterand dream your future into existence!


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