How to Make the Online Gambling Experience More Authentic

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Online casinos are heavy on convenience but light on authenticity; here are some ways to bring the casino experience home.

Online casinos in Canada, the UK and elsewhere are popular for a variety of reasons. They offer a huge variety of games, are easy to use and extremely convenient. You don’t have to get dressed, drive hours to the nearest casino and then have to wait for tables and tip dealers. You just plug in and play.

As great as all that is, the online experience has a lot of downsides. It has none of the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas, Monte Carlo or Macau. There are no cocktail waitresses serving you at your table, no opportunity to light up the room with your sharp suit or luxurious gown. You’re staring at a computer screen instead of interacting with other players. You’re having your cards dealt by a Random Number Generator (RNG) instead of by a professional dealer.

Given the lack of authenticity involved in online gambling, we decided to brainstorm a few ways to make the experience of gambling at home more like the real thing. Sure, you can’t completely replicate a casino in your own home (unless you are obscenely rich), but there are plenty of ways to make your home more like a casino.

Dress to impress

Most online gamblers stumble over to their computer in their underwear or bathrobe. The classiest of them may put on the same pair of jeans they wore yesterday. Be a cut above the rest. Dress for the Winner Casino the same way you would for the Casino de Monte Carlo. If you don’t have a sharp black tuxedo with a crisp white shirt and bowtie, run to the nearest tailor.

You probably don’t play as well as James Bond, and you certainly will not meet exotic Bond girls while gambling online, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t look like him. Looking your best will spike your levels of confidence and composure. Even though your cyber-opponents won’t see how incredible you look, you’ll know. And that’s the point.

Install a bar in your home

One great way to bring the casino experience into your home is to have a bar installed. These things aren’t cheap, but if you have the means, what better way to increase the enjoyment? You can stock it with a variety of liquors and garnishes to make any cocktail under the sun. The choice is yours.

If you really want to do it like a high roller, hire a bartender to make and serve drinks. Imagine this: you’re sitting in from of your batman-themed slot, online blackjack game, or whatever else your Canadian internet casino offers. You ask the barmaid to bring you over an ice cold martini or mint julep, something that reflects your mastery of the casino floor. After all, you own it. You calmly sip the delicious drink, musing on how rich and powerful you are.

Hire a croupier for poker night

• Stock your bar with classic casino fare like martinis and champagne
• Hire a classic Vegas celebrity to perform for you and yours
• Nothing is more authentic than hiring a professional croupier

This one isn’t related to internet gambling specifically, but it is crucial to the home casino experience. You and your friends gather for the weekly game of Texas Hold’Em. In between clinking beers, trading insults and retelling tales of past glory you may even get down to playing a few hands. Sure, your bunch of cheapskates won’t toss more than pocket change into the pot, but it’s about friendship, not money.

This is where the croupier comes in. Rather than taking turns dealing and shuffling, doing it poorly and distracting yourselves from the game at hand, you’ve hired a professional to take care of that. Maybe your basement will never be one of the best Canadian poker rooms, and you’re not exactly playing against Phil Ivey and Daniel Negreanu, but you can still feel like a Vegas big shot. And wouldn’t you like the feeling of a professional croupier congratulating you when you win the pot?

Order a catering service

Maybe you’re a die-hard gambler; you don’t go to the casino to eat or drink, you go to play. But face it, for most of us the buffet is a big part of the casino experience. Some people even make a stop in Vegas on their way to the West Coast solely for the purpose of stuffing themselves with one of the strip’s famous buffet dinners.

If that is your thing, have a local restaurant cater your online gambling night. You can lay out a big spread with lobster, prime rib and anything else you happen to fancy. Every time you feel the need to take a break from the exciting world of internet gambling in Canada, step over to the buffet table and fill your plate with anything and everything you can imagine.

Hire Wayne Newton

If you are looking for a more romantic casino experience, consider hiring Wayne Newton to perform live for you and yours. What could be more pleasing than enjoying an evening losing yourselves in love while being serenaded by “Mr. Las Vegas”?

Judging where his career has gone in recent years, his services shouldn’t be too expensive.

Log off of PokerStars for a minute and make it happen

For all its advantages, gambling online will never be as a good as the real thing. But if you are determined to stay out of a brick-and-mortar casino, we hope our suggestions can make your home experience as real as possible. You will need some money to make it happen, but what serious high-roller is afraid of spending money?

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