How to Play Golf: The Guide for Beginners


Posted: September 29, 2021

Updated: September 29, 2021

  • Golf is a centuries-old sport played by millions of people around the world.
  • It is an aristocratic game where rules are adhered to. 
  • It is quite difficult to master the rules of golf.
  • Our article will help you quickly and easily learn how to play golf.

Golf was and remains a game of gentlemen. And even if this concept is more common just in the homeland of golf – in Britain, a real golfer must live up to this high title, regardless of nationality. First of all, he must perfectly know all the rules of the game of golf. In our beginner’s guide, we are going to explain how to play golf like a pro. Let’s jump right in! 

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The rules of golf will help beginners understand the basic terminology and etiquette of the sport. Even though golf was previously considered a truly masculine sport, it was even said about it “Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden”, now the beautiful half of humanity shows itself perfectly on golf courses … Therefore, playing golf, watching sports battles and just understanding the rules will be interesting for both men and women.

How to Play Golf: Main Rules

The general rules of golf are pretty simple. During the game, each player must complete 18 holes of varying difficulty. For each hole, the minimum number of strokes is assigned, for which the player must reach the hole and drive the ball into it. This number of beats is called “Par”. There are only fields with Par 3, Par 4, and Par 5.

In total, all holes can be completed in 72 strokes (total of all Par). But this is provided that you will complete the hole for the number of strokes indicated in Par. But the essence of the game is just to try to go through all the holes with a minimum of hits. After all, the one who takes the least blows wins. After each completed hole, the player records the number of strokes made in a special card. The maximum number of strokes is 10. If a player fails to complete at least one hole in 10 strokes, he leaves the game.

Golf Surfaces

Before playing golf, any beginner must become familiar with the different surfaces on the course. Depending on the surface, the player will determine which club he should use. All surfaces in golf are designed to make the game more difficult and more interesting. Such barriers can be very different: sand, water bodies, groves, forests, as well as grass of different heights. The following golf courses are compulsory:

How to Play Golf
Picture Source: Pixabay
  • Green is the place with the shortest grass. The holes are located on such a coating.
  • Fringe – the grass is slightly higher, located next to Green.
  • Fairway is a short grass that runs almost to the hole.
  • Rough – Tall grass next to Fairway.

In addition, the course may have obstacles such as Fescue (wild tall grass) and Bunker (not very deep sandpit, usually close to the hole). The online sportsbook sites in the US offer the best odds for golf championships. You can bet on the World Long Drive Championship 2021 to find the winner by visiting 1xBET Sportsbook. So check out the list of possible winners with the best odds on 1xBET.

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How to Play Golf: Dress Code

Golf is a very old and sophisticated sport that requires a lot of practice and a special approach. This activity does not tolerate disrespect, and even in terms of equipment, one must approach responsibly. Now we will figure out how to choose clothes and shoes for golf, observing the established dress code.

A must-have attribute of the game is a headdress: a baseball cap or a protective helmet. Since the game mostly takes place in good weather, the sun should not be on their heads so that the players do not get sunstroke. The helmet will help against accidental hits from opponents, which rarely, but happen in golf.

How to Play Golf
Picture Source: Wikimedia

Trousers or a skirt should be of a comfortable cut, slacks are preferred. They should not hinder movement. You need to choose a belt that will hold the pants so that they do not interfere and do not distract the player. Use classic brown or blue, or khaki. The main thing is not to use all colors at the same time. Many neglects the glove, and in vain. Soft goatskin is ideal for dry weather. Silicone-impregnated leather is useful in rainy or simply damp weather.

Golf Footwear

Since golf is not table tennis, you have to walk a lot during the game. Therefore, shoes must be reliable protection from cold, moisture, and heat, as well as have perfect grip on any surface of the playing field. Boots for rainy weather should have a water-repellent silicone layer, but also ventilation so that the foot does not sweat a lot. The outsole should follow all the curves of the foot. The dress code of golf is very demanding, but if you follow all the above instructions, you will turn simple entertainment into a real event that you will remember for a long time.

To learn how to play golf, you just have to follow the rules and practice a little. Complete beginners can try their hand at mini-golf, the rules are not so strict, but they will help to understand the principle and essence of aristocratic confrontations. Do you like playing golf? Share your impressions in the comments! And don’t forget to check out the online sportsbook sites in the US for more golf championships.

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