How To Play Online Casinos In India

  • India is far more advanced than you probably imagine
  • You have the same choices as in the West
  • The Indian Taxman takes his cut
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Online casinos in India are as common as anywhere else in the word. In fact you don’t have to travel very far into India to see that the people absolutely love to gamble. It’s a difficult to know whether the Chinese or Indians would win the gold medal at the Gambling Olympics. Here in India, you can wager on all the normal casino games such as poker, blackjack, slots, baccarat, video poker and roulette. But they also have games only known to the sub-continent such as Flish, Bahar, Andar, Passa and Paplu.

Introduction: Playing Online Casinos In India

Just in case you didn’t know it, India has a very advanced telecoms network. Nobody is stuck indoors playing online casino games on their PC. Those days are far gone. Today everyone has either a smart phone or a tablet. And everyone is also gambling on the go. All brands are readily available included those for Apple and Android operating systems. You can either download apps or play using HTML5. So where ever you go, whether the railway station or the cafe, you’ll see plenty of people playing online casinos, like King Billy Casino, on their phones. And many are playing for real money.

Online Casinos in India: Two Ways To Play

As with many other parts of the world, there are two basic ways of playing online casino games. One is to download the app which offers convenience and is often the best option. It’s true that not all casinos have an app, so for those they can play directly within the browser using HTML5. This is the same for those with mobile devices running on Windows, Blackberry or Fire. Because there are fewer apps, then most people play on these devices within the browser. On the whole, you’ll find that the number of casinos to play are around the same number on each platform.

Here Comes 4G

One negative about playing via the browser is that in many areas the internet signal can be weak. This makes the game-play choppy and so you’ll find many casinos offer a stripped down version of each game to allow for a better playing experience. On the other hand, 4G is rapidly being introduced across the country and this certainly adds to an increase in quality. Most games, whether you’re on 4G or not, can be played with excellent graphics, without lag or freezing. Games such as roulette and blackjack are pretty much seamless. Check out these online casino sites in India. Mobile slots are also pretty good, with the possibility of bonus rounds and maybe grabbing some big prizes. More especially with progressive jackpots.

India, Gambling in India, Indian online casino, King Billy Casino, casino, online casinos, casinos in India, gamingzion.com, online poker, blackjack, craps, roulette

Online Casinos in India: Methods To Pay

These days pretty much all online casinos in India accept all major credit and debit cards, whether Visa or MasterCard. Moving on to other methods of payment we also have many types of E-Wallet including Neteller, Skrill and of course, PayPal. Then moving on we have good old fashioned bank transfer and e-checks. Finally, many online casinos in India are happy to accept crypto-currencies like Bitcoin. As with all online banking, security is of primary importance. Whether you’re using you mobile phone or PC, it’s important to check that the sites you’re visiting have all the correct licenses and follow the law. That’s why we recommend King Billy Casino. Always read the terms and conditions before you deposit any funds. Check their policy with regards to data protection. In other words, be safe online.

The Indian Taxman

According to online casino news in India you’ll have to  pay tax on your winnings from playing online casinos in India. There’s a section in the Indian Tax Code which states: “Tax on winnings from lotteries, crossword puzzles, races including horse races, card games and other games of any sort or gambling or betting of any form or nature whatsoever.” Unfortunately this tax deducts around 30% from your winnings. Well, you can beat the casino, but you can’t beat the taxman.

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