How to Play Perfect Blackjack in Online Casinos

  • Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games online and offline
  • Learn these simple rules and strategies to make sure you know your game
  • In this article, we attempt to explain the necessary steps to learn how to play perfect blackjack. 
how to play perfect blackjack

In this guide, we collected our pro tips for the well-known casino game, Blackjack. The ease of this game has made it one of the most popular gambling experiences live or online. The rules are exceedingly simple since it only requires the player to memorise and pick up a few major guidelines. Once you understand the flow of the game, you can start to strategize. This article will help you understand how to play perfect blackjack, guiding through from basics to advanced tips. Let’s draw! 

Introduction rules for future blackjack winners

Blackjack, otherwise known as 21, is played with one or multiple of 52-card-decks. There could be one or several players enjoying the game whilst competing with the dealer. On most online casino sites in the UK, it is you versus the digital dealer.  There really is one objective to understand: the players want to beat the dealer. There are several ways for this to happen, but remember, the game is called 21 because the value of your cards at hand can not exceed this amount. Your goal is to reach a final hand value higher than the dealer without exceeding 21. Or, have the dealer draw a hand value that exceeds 21.

This is the most important rule to learn how to play perfect blackjack. After reading this guide, you can practice your kills on Bet365 Casino for the full experience. Like any other casino games, you must learn the value of the cards, the course of the game, and your options in each round. Let’s take a quick look at what these are to learn how to play perfect blackjack.

Know your values to play perfect blackjack

Simply enough, the cards from two through nine are valued with their face value. Ace values either one or eleven, depending on the other cards’ values at your hand. Jack, queen, king and 10 are all valued at 10. This means that the value at your hand is the sum of the cards you have. Once the bets are made, the dealer will make two passes so each player (and the dealer) start with two cards, face up.

After the cards are dealt, the trickier part starts. There are five choices you can make in each round; hit, stand, double, split or surrender. Understanding these are essential to learning how to play perfect blackjack. In this detailed explanation, we broke down everything you need to know about each of the five moves before you start to strategize.

how to play perfect blackjack
Are you winning?

The five choices to play it smart

The first decision you will have to make in this game is whether to hit or stand. In other words, will you add another card to your hand? To set an example, if you have a hand value of 11 ( an 8 and a 2) and decide to hit, the dealer will draw you another card and add to your hand. To illustrate, the dealer draws a 5, which then leaves you with a total value of 16 at your hand.

If you decide to hit, and the hand value exceeds 21 by the newly added card, you automatically lose that hand. In blackjack, this is a bust. When your choice is to stand, you simply pass the round onto the next player without any changes in your hand values.

Doubling down works only with a two-card hand. It allows you to double your bet and receive one additional card. It goes without saying, that you should only double down if you have an advantageous hand. Splitting is an option when you have two cards of the same value in your hand. Once you split, the dealer considers your two cards as two separate hands.

Lastly, a less likely option is to surrender. It is not an option in most casinos, however, there are situations when surrendering is the smartest thing to do. When you choose this move, it must be the first action you take as a player. It allows you to save half of your bet, naturally before the dealer draws you a card.

What you need to know about your chances against the house

Whilst blackjack is simple enough since you don’t have to pay attention to other players like in poker, the dealer still has an advantage. It is always your game against the dealer, to whom different rules apply. The player comes first, having the option to take more cards. The dealer only has to reveal one card at the start of the game, the second one at the end of the round. Each time, the dealer has to hit till reaching 17. As the player draws first, he could bust first, leaving the money for the house instantly. If you have a higher hand value but managed to stay under 21, you win your bet, otherwise, you lose.  When its a tie with the dealer, or in other words a push, the next round will start and there is no winner.

how to play perfect blackjack
Let’s play!

It goes without saying, that your best option is to start with a blackjack. Meaning, you get lucky enough to have an ace and a 10 value card right at the start. In most cases, blackjack pays 3:2 (150%), unless the dealer also has a blackjack. The reason blackjack is the choice of so many players is that despite the above, this is still has a relatively low house edge. If you learn how to use basic strategy, the house edge is approximately around 0.5%. Let us take a look at what basic strategy is, and why it is very beneficial to learn how to play perfect blackjack.

Learning basic strategy is how to play the perfect blackjack

You are going to hear about basic strategy a lot when entering the blackjack scene. It is a chart that mathematicians came up with to give you the highest chance. It is not going to give you an advantage over the casino, it is not card-counting, however, still the way to play perfect blackjack with the best chance.

The basic strategy chart essentially prepares you for the best move in each scenario you enter. It teaches you when to hit, stand, double, split or surrender if it is a possibility. To memorise the chart takes time and of course, practice. Therefore, your first step should be to practice before entering with real cash. This will allow you to get used to the course of the game, and of course, to gain experience with using basic strategy. As it takes some time to memorise, don’t be in a rush to give up your best chances.

According to any professional player, learning basic strategy is how to play perfect blackjack online. Whilst the rules are the same, the environment is much calmer than in a live casino. It allows you to concentrate more without being influenced by others. For this opportunity, check out what Bet365 Casino has to offer.

Online casino news in the UK often vary, so make sure you know the table before you enter. If it is a 3:1 payout, your long term prizes are a lot better than with 6:5.  For tips on insurance and setting up a budget, find more here.

What to keep in mind when playing online

When you play on online casinos sites in the UK, there are a few extra tips to keep in mind. We recommend that you also pay attention to the dealer’s cards and their probability. This can positively affect your decisions too. If you want to lose as little as you can, try to improve the longevity of your game. For this, you do have to memorise and have expertise in basic strategy. If you play online blackjack and do not know the basic it is definitely an uphill battle.  If you are about to start, it is also a good idea to start with using bonuses. Several casinos offer this opportunity and it allows you to practice your strategy before spending money! Make sure you polish your new skills on Bet365 Casino to become a pro!

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