Blackjack is easy enough to play, but how to know which to play? Especially online, there are so many blackjack variations available. While the rules of the game almost always follow the same structure, there are important differences. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player of 21, our tips are for you. See our collections of the available blackjack variations online in 2021. ... read more

The 2021 Women’s curling championship starts 30 April and is expected to go on till 9 May. Curling is overly popular in Canada and the US, but Switzerland is also right in the top three. The popular ice sport requires skill, strategy and of course, outstanding teamwork. As we await the women’s championship to start, we discuss odds for all of you curling enthusiasts. Find out which country to bet on as the winner, or top three places!  ... read more

The 2021 Tour de France will be the 108th edition of one the biggest cycling races amongst Giro d’Italia and Vuelta a Espana. This year, the race will be from 26 June to 18 July as a part of the 2021 UCI World Tour. As we are getting closer to the big event, the Tour de France 2021 odds on the predicted winner get clearer. This article covers this year’s favourite cyclers, information on the route and live stream options for a full experience!  ... read more

What is Native American Gambling? Does it help Native American communities economically? How does it connect to American gambling laws? These questions often come up when we encounter gambling in the United States. This type of gambling has an interesting route and importance in the US gambling and casino industry, considering the general strict regulations across the country. Find out the connection between casinos and Native American communities today.  ... read more

Europe’s favorite singing contest resumes, and now is your best chance to bet on the tiny but talented island, Malta. The Maltese have serious odds for winning this year, and the first semi-finals are fast approaching. See our top suggestions from the contestants and the chances of your favorite country! Odds on the semi-finals 1 at the Eurovision song contest highlight Malta way above anyone else.  ... read more

Dance competitions became super popular across the UK. Looking at our favourite celebrities and professional dancers forming an awesome duo is very entertaining. Of course, there are many dance shows we can bet on these days.  But can you still do it if you are not exactly a dance expert? Yes! In this guide, we collect the best dance competitions to bet on, the process of betting and some suggestions of how to figure out the favourite!  ... read more

Playing DFS is highly strategic. To become successful, players need to master some basic skills in drafting or roster construction. Daily fantasy football is the most popular in DFS and is played by millions. To get better at it, let’s look at some strategies and see our daily fantasy sports draft tips and tricks.  ... read more

What are daily fantasy sports? This article provides a simple explanation of all the major factors you should consider if thinking about trying DFS. It is incredibly popular in the UK, due to the fact it’s highly strategical, exciting and entertaining. Would you like to try out a more active type of sports betting? Or looking for an alternative? Find all you need to learn about this kind of sports betting from your Daily Fantasy sports betting guide. ... read more

Beach volleyball is incredibly popular around the world. Whether it is played for fun, on an actual beach or not, it is something to try out. As we are slowly reaching into the summer season in 2021, complete beach volleyball betting is more useful than ever. We collect the biggest upcoming events, market, rules to follow, players to learn about. Get involved in beach volleyball from our ultimate betting guide, and try your luck at your favourite sportsbooks.  ... read more

After the successful vote for the legalisation of sports betting in 2020, Washington state has started to work on the terms of legal sports betting in 2021. The new sports betting bill in Washington will allow online operators and mobile gambling alike, hopes say. This article provides a quick overview of the changes and legal issues for players in Washington state.  ... read more

When you start to learn about the best strategies for sports betting, arbitrage will come up as the ultimate money maker. As a matter of fact, people who use just too well sometimes end up being banned from sportsbooks. How is that even possible? While arbitrage strategy is one of the best ways to make extra money on your favourite sports, you really have to play it smart. In this arbitrage betting guide, we break down the dos and don’ts for your success!  ... read more

Have you ever heard of a way to profitably bet on both teams to win the same game? We call it betting the middle, or middling. And when everything lines up just right, it can be one of the best opportunities in sports betting. In this article, we break down step by step how to bet the middle, and start using it for betting on sports.  ... read more

Soon reaching the end of April, the Oscar Gala is right in front of us. The 93rd Academy Awards will take place on the 26th of April, in Union Station Los Angeles and the Dolby Theatre at the Hollywood & Highland Center. Each year, the Academy awards actors and actresses for something outstanding. With hopes to predict the best actor and actress in a leading role, we discuss Oscar-worthy transformations over time.  ... read more

The recent passing of the Duke of Edinburgh left the British public in deep sorrow. Husband of Queen Elizabeth II, he was the longest-serving royal consort in British history. Prince Philip has been at the Queen’s side for over her six decades of reign. His death influences political campaigns and actions in the near future. UK politics and the death of Prince Philip connect in terms of the proceedings of elections campaigns. We dedicate this article to explain how political actions are likely to change. ... read more

Denise Coates might be a familiar name for those enjoying sports betting and gambling in the UK. She is a British billionaire businesswoman, the founder, majority shareholder and joint chief executive of online gambling company Bet365. In October 2019, Forbes magazine estimated that gambling boss Denise Coates’s net worth at $12.2 billion. In 2020, earned a salary of £422 million and dividends of £48 million. ... read more

Horse racing is part of British sports culture, and as such, closely connects to betting. Many say that horse race betting is in a downfall, yet there are arguments on both sides. In the future of horse racing, however, loud voices collide. From machine training to animal welfare the future of horse racing raises many questions. In this article, we discuss the debate on the popular UK leisure activity.  ... read more

As much as we adore actresses, it is eyecatching how little representation there is for women behind the cameras. Women in the film industry deserve more recognition, especially in 2021. In light of the upcoming Academy Awards, let us dedicate some time to explore the status of women in the film industry. With countless talents deserved to be celebrated, we aim to discuss some of the causes and problems regarding females behind cameras.  ... read more

Events in relation to the British Royal Family always make headlines. Being one of the few remaining and active royal families in the world, the media pays close attention. In fact, the British royal family shared more controversies over the years than any other. In this article, we discuss the biggest royal family scandals that shocked the public.  ... read more