Dance Competitions to Bet on: Overview of the Best TV Dance Shows


Posted: April 23, 2021

Updated: April 23, 2021

  • Do you enjoy shows like Dancing with the Stars or Strictly Come Dancing?
  • Here is your ultimate guide on dance competitions to bet on

Dance competitions became super popular across the UK. Looking at our favourite celebrities and professional dancers forming an awesome duo is very entertaining. Of course, there are many dance shows we can bet on these days.  But can you still do it if you are not exactly a dance expert? Yes! In this guide, we collect the best dance competitions to bet on, the process of betting, and some suggestions of how to figure out the favourite! 

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Betting on dance competitions is a form of entertainment betting. In a previously detailed guide, we collected all the useful tips on entertainment betting, such as betting on TV shows, movies and awards. Now, it is time to zoom in on dancing! In the UK, dance competitions became as popular as singing and talent shows. As a result, all major online sportsbooks in the UK offer dance bets, such as Unibet Sportsbook. However, the types of bets are still limited, and mostly they only offer bets on the predicted winner. While this is great, a lot can change during a competition. We aim to explain to you what the odds suggest and how to pick your favourite dancer! 

What to look for when betting on dance competitions? 

Once you have a TV show in mind with your favourite dancers, it is time to bet. Of course, entertainment betting is all about our already existing favourites. Sometimes, we just really like an actor or singer, therefore want them to win. While others might share this admiration, it is great to keep in mind that our taste doesn’t always pay off. Therefore, some research is required. Looking at the background of dancers and celebrities, and following the weekly competition and reviews are essential parts of betting on dance competitions. Once you feel confident about the show and the dancers competing, look for a site that is suitable for you. 

Reliable and trusted betting sites are essential. Our tip is Unibet Sportsbook, mainly since it is one of the biggest and most trusted sportsbooks in the UK, but is also great for beginners. If you are new to entertainment betting, we should mention how to read odds. On Unibet, under the selected type of betting, you will see a list of contestants with the favourite being on top. The favourite is the one showing the smallest odds. In other words, the person who is most likely to win- according to the sportsbook. Since the probability for the favourite to win is the highest, betting on them makes it a safe bet but of course, not the most profitable one. 

dance competitions to bet on
Let’s dance – Image source: Flickr

However, odds frequently change during the course of the competitions. Partly, this is based on how the competition develops and also the amount of cash flowing in on the favourite. This phenomenon is line movement, which we have a detailed article about. We highly recommend checking it out, so you will not be surprised when the odds are moving. 

More things to keep in mind 

A good sportsbook is also essential for your safety. The type of payments they offer, your personal data protection, and the quality of their customer service is very important points when starting out online gambling in the UK. Since the United Kingdom is one of the most liberal and best locations to enjoy betting, you are not targeted by illegal and shady betting sites as much. Our top tip: if something looks fishy and hard to believe, trust your instinct and stick with reliable sites! 

Moving forward, when you are new to entertainment betting, do not forget about bonuses! When registering on online sportsbooks like Unibet Sportsbook, signing ups and making a deposit come with bonuses. You can potentially double your initial bankroll if you find a particularly advantageous bonus offer, which adds to the appeal. The additional money you can use on-site for more bets. It is risk-free and a great practice! 

The process of betting on dance competitions

Having found a safe entertainment betting site, you can move on to placing your wager. We will explain this with an example of currently available dance betting options on Unibet Sportsbook. Let’s Dance 2021 in Sweden is currently ongoing on the site. It offers the best odds on Kristina Petrushina (2.10) and Carola Häggkvist (2.75). To make a bet on these ladies to win, first, you need to make your deposit when signing up for the site. This is also when you can redeem your bonuses! After signing up, you will immediately see the amount of the bonus on your account. 

dance competitions to bet on
You can even earn money on your favorite dance competitions – Image source: Flickr

As the next step, if you would prefer betting on Kristina Petrushina, you can simply click on her name and enter the amount of bet. You will instantly see the potential payout as well. Since her probability of winning is 2.10, if you place €1, your payout will be €2.1. The higher odds, the more payout you will receive. Of course, the probability of that happening is lower. Remember, that sportsbooks like to make money, and most likely, they will. So a great offer for you is an even greater offer for them. Therefore, stick with safe options and no rush! Make sure you understand the system of sports betting and manage your bankroll. 

Our betting tips 

How to determine the best dancers? We have tips for you. Celebrities? Even if they don’t know how to dance and are rather funny than skilful, remember that people like the entertainment. So are judges. Keeping characters in the show who are grabbing our attention – may that be a negative or positive way are likely to stay in for a longer period of time. It is true for all TV Shows, the more entertaining you are for the majority, the longer you are likely to stay. 

Furthermore, athletes always tend to be good. When there are famous athletes on the shows, their skills will pay off. The real stars of the shows are the professional dancers, not the celebrities themselves. For example on Dancing with the Stars and Strictly, the professional dancers who reappear on multiple seasons have become famous in their own right for their exploits. Some pro dancers have better records than others, but the pairing is very important. A pro can of course make an average celebrity look better, but the top tip is to identify the strongest duo. Factors to look out for: dancing skills, their ability to entertain, what they are famous for, and how versatile their skills are. 

All the special spins and turns you can bet on! 

To stick with our example, there is Let’s Dance 2021. Let’s Dance 2021 is the sixteenth season of the Swedish celebrity dancing show Let’s Dance. The season premiered on 20 March 2021. The predicted winner is the 24-year-old comedian and TV presenter Kristina Petrushina. 

dance competitions to bet on
Are you ready for the infinite dance adventures?

The classic, Dancing with the Stars is when a celebrity is paired with a professional dancer to perform predetermined dances and compete against each other. On March 30, 2021, the series was renewed for a thirtieth season which will premiere in Fall 2021. Therefore, we have to wait a bit, but the opportunity to bet on this dance competition again will happen! 

Dancing on Ice is a bit different but also falls into the category of the best dance competitions to bet on. Dancing on Ice is a British television series presented by Phillip Schofield alongside Holly Willoughby from 2006 to 2011, who then returned in 2018, and Christine Bleakley from 2012 to 2014. The series features celebrities and their professional partners figure skating in front of a panel of judges. During the finale of the thirteenth series, it was confirmed that the show will return in 2022. 

The UK favourite, Strictly Come Dancing is where celebrities team up with choreographers to compete in a ballroom and Latin dance competition. Comedian Bill Bailey has been crowned the winner of Strictly Come Dancing 2020, becoming the oldest celebrity to lift the glitterball trophy. The 55-year-old shared his triumph with partner Oti Mabuse, the first Strictly dancer to win for two years in a row. The show will return in the fall of 2021. 

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