Daily Fantasy Sports Draft Tips and Tricks for Beginners


Posted: April 23, 2021

Updated: April 23, 2021

  • Fantasy Football is super entertaining
  • What to pay ettention to when creating your roster?
  • See trips and tricks on daily fantasy sports drafting

Playing DFS is highly strategic. To become successful, players need to master some basic skills in drafting or roster construction. Daily fantasy football is the most popular in DFS and is played by millions. To get better at it, let’s look at some strategies and see our daily fantasy sports draft tips and tricks. 

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When you already have an understanding of how daily fantasy football works, getting familiar with strategies on drafting is your next important step. Having paid the fee to join a contest, if playing on FanTeam Sportsbook, you are required to put together your team. This article will focus on this step specifically, and explain how you can make the most out of your budget. And as an extra, you can use our daily fantasy sports draft tips on all online sportsbooks in the UK

What is drafting in DFS? 

To clarify some basics, let us quickly explain what drafting and roster are. Essentially, this is the process of putting together your daily fantasy football team from a list of available players – who are also real players in the NFL. Now, here comes the salary cap. The salary cap differs in the type of contest you enter. Surely, when you are just starting DFS, enter a contest with very little fees. Luckily, there are super cheap options available for beginners for even $1. Of course, this has a downside. For such little contribution, your salary cap will not exactly be a high number. However, that is more than okay, since our daily fantasy sports tips are here to help you make the most out of it. 

To draft your lineup, you are given a budget. Then you are expected to fill all the open positions in your team without exceeding this given budget, which for example could be around $60. Salary cups can be annoying since top players are expensive. Therefore, your number one strategy tip is to identify undervalued players. Keep in mind that in your first contest, it is unlikely that you will win. However, with such little entry fee, it is a great way to practice. 

daily fantasy sports draft
You can find all the popular sports in the DFS version as well

Daily Fantasy Sport Draft Tips: how to fill the team 

On FanTeam Sportsbook, you will notice that each player has a salary next to their names. Knowing your budget, the goal is to put together a high-scoring team, as much as possible. You have to fill in each position in the team, without, of course, running out of cash. So how can you use the salary wisely? In each contest, you enter a starting lineup made up of the following players: one quarterback, two running backs, two wide receivers, one flex position (can be an RB, WR, or TE), one tight end, one kicker, and one defense/special teams (punt and kickoff return) unit. Remember, that Injuries, untimely matchups, and plain bad luck can befall any fantasy squad. So getting it right on the factors that you can control as an owner is key in giving your team a shot at the title.

How to prioritize

 According to ESPN, no other sport is more important than the running back spot. It’s really hard to find excellent and reliable running backs in fantasy football, as evidenced through a couple of key stats. To wit: in 2019, there were a total of just 27 running backs who averaged at least 12.0 fantasy points per game (minimum eight games played), as compared to 39 wide receivers to accomplish the same threshold (Source: ESPN). There is a shortage of reliable running backs in daily fantasy football. Therefore, you are going to want to build your roster around running backs, and also, wide receivers. 

Having targeted running backs early, we recommend doing the same thing for wide receivers too. Four out of 10 top selected players are wide receivers. Another ESPN tip is, to be patient with quarterbacks. Why? Quite simply, there are lots of good quarterbacks in fantasy. Not only are there more than enough, but it will be also easier to find a backup if needed. These are the three major positions in fantasy football you should pay attention to first. 

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