Online Blackjack Variations: Learn Which One to Play!


Posted: May 3, 2021

Updated: May 3, 2021

  • Are confused about all the different variations of online blackjack?
  • Here is all you have to know about alterations, payouts and your advantage!

Blackjack is easy enough to play, but how to know which to play? Especially online, there are so many blackjack variations available. While the rules of the game almost always follow the same structure, there are important differences. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player of 21, our tips are for you. See our collections of the available blackjack variations online in 2021.

Online casinos in the US offer a great variety for wannabe blackjack players. The list can seem endless and confusing, therefore our goal is to break down the different online blackjack variations for you. If you are new to blackjack whether it is online or real-life, we suggest our articles on how to learn blackjack in 5 minutes and unlimited blackjack. These guides are essential for online blackjack players, of course, after mastering all the rules. IN this guide, we will show you all the different and available games listed on Ignition Casino, and even extra ones, if you are feeling adventurous. Let’s dive right in!

Online Blackjack variations: American Blackjack

You will probably find it under the name of blackjack, as it is the simple and widely known variations, available everywhere. The online version of the classic variation generally uses a 6-8 deck, out of which you and the dealer are both dealt two cards. And of course, you can request more without exceeding 21. The ultimate goal, to have a better hand than the dealer by being as close to 21 as possible, without exceeding it. This is familiar. At Ignition Casino, you can find single and double deck blackjack variations.

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In the case of single deck blackjack, the important thing to remember is as it follows: fewer decks mean smaller house edge. Therefore, we highly recommend trying out and experimenting with single deck games, especially when using basic strategy. Don’t forget that some casinos will add rules to single-deck Blackjack to counteract the decreased house edge, such as offering 6-5 payouts for landing a blackjack. A 6-5 payout for blackjack removes 1.39% from your expected return.

online blackjack variations
Which one is your favorite?

Types of single and double deck online blackjack variations

Most online gambling sites in the US will offer 21 Blackjack Classic or The New Blackjack. The New Blackjack game has a streamlined user interface and the buttons show up as they’re needed, making the screen less cluttered. It uses one deck that gets shuffled after each round, and the dealer hits on soft 17. The classic version replicates a blackjack table at a casino. It uses one deck and the dealer hits soft 17.

In Double Deck Blackjack, Ignition Casino requires the dealer to stand on soft 17 – a rule that favors players. The two decks are shuffled after each round.

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18+. New players only. 150% First Deposit Bonus. Max bonus amount: $1,500. Wagering requirement: 25×. Terms and Conditions apply.

European Blackjack

For all versions of online blackjack except European Blackjack, the dealer peeks for blackjack at the start of the round. In European Blackjack, the dealer does not peek for blackjack at the start of the round, so it’s possible that you could double your bet and lose to a dealer blackjack. Other European Blackjack rules include doubling being restricted to hard totals of 9 to 11, and the dealer standing on soft 17.

Progressive Blackjack

Progressive Blackjack has a slight difference from the classic game. That being, a mandatory small bet for the jackpot. Usually, like a dollar or so, which will go into a big jackpot sum. Of course, you will have the chance of winning the jackpot after every single hand.

Atlantic City Blackjack

This online blackjack variation uses eight standard decks amongst other important alterations. First of all, the dealer is allowed to peak on their whole card and is allowed to stand on a soft 17. The player has the option for late surrender, and even late insurance. Additionally, the player has the opportunity to quit the hand and still keep 50% of the bet. Furthermore, players can resplit their hands up to three times, which is quite unusual.

Spanish 21 or Blackjack

Spanish Blackjack also uses 6-8 decks just like the classic game. However, all the 10 value cards (10, Jack, Queen, and King) are not in the deck. Hence, only 36 cards in the deck in Spanish Blackjack. With this, the house edge is somewhat increased. On the other hand, this is countered by the option for players to surrender, take insurance later in the hand even after doubling down. The dealer can also peak like in Atlantic City Blackjack, and will immediately win the hand if the sum of their cards is 21. If the player also has 21, the result is a push.

online blackjack variations
Let’s play!

Blackjack Switch

In this variation, we yet again have the rules of the classic blackjack at a guide. However, in Blackjack Switch, players are dealt two sets of cards, and they can switch them whenever they feel like. The other main difference is the payout of blackjacks. In the classic game, blackjack pays out 3 to 2, but in this case, 1 to1. If the game comes out to blackjack versus blackjack, the dealer always wins. Additionally, if the dealer has a soft 17, they must take a hit.

Vegas Strip Blackjack

Vegas Strip Blackjack is actually one of the most popular online variations. In this game, four decks are used. Moreover, the house edge is super low – around 0.34%. Dealers have to stand on a soft 17, and players can split up to three times.

Pontoon or British Blackjack

Similar to Spanish 21, the cards with value-10 are removed, but the difference is that you play with only one deck. Interestingly, the blackjack terminology is different, therefore we recommend getting familiar with it before engaging in a game. Instead of a hit, it is a twist, instead of a stand, it is a stick. And of course, pontoon means blackjack.

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Double Exporsure Blackjack

This exciting name refers to an online blackjack variation that is very difficult to win. They play it with 8 standard decks, and the house edge is 0.69%. Dealers are dealt both cards face up and forced to hit on a soft 17. Inversely, players can only double down if their total is 9 or 11.

Super fun 21

Leaving the super fun last, let’s what this variation hides. The name is in fact pretty accurate, since this variation is quite simple and indeed, fun to play! There is only one single standard deck, and the changes are only in the payout structure. They only payout at a rate of 1 to 1. There is the so-called diamond blackjack, where you have an ace and ten as your first two cards, both of them diamond suits. In this case, the payout is two to one. Moreover, players can hit, stand, split and double down on any number of the cards! Now that you are familiar with all the blackjack variations you can see online, make sure to pick your favorite and try your luck on Ignition Casino! For even more tips, see our guide on blackjack strategies!

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