How To Play Plinko? – Good Game To Replace Roulette With

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How To Play Plinko

In this article, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about how to play Plinko. Therefore, we will introduce his popular and modern gambling game to you from invention to current Methodism. Because there are many ways in which you can watch or even play this game. However, it is important to mention that you should get familiar with cryptocurrencies. Because it is the most popular form of payment method when it comes to Pinko. However, you can access this game at online casino sites in Kosovo.

As long as the operator allows USD/EUR or other currencies, you are good to go without crypto. Plinko is extremely quick and fast, and you don’t have to spend hours sitting in front of colorful images. Furthermore, there is an added anticipation and sense of racing when it comes to betting on Plinko results.

Introduction To The Game – How To Play Plinko?

If you are unfamiliar with Plinko, remember this word. Then you probably have watched the TV shows about the lottery back in 1983. It was the famous producer Frank Wayne who invented the famous game of Plinko. The first and original form of this game looked a little more silly than it is at the moment. They used a gigantic table on the set, so the viewers could perfectly see the result through the old TV screen. Therefore, this game resembles the Methodism of ancient Greek theatre acts.

However, people did not touch Plinko for a decade. Because of the arising cryptocurrency combined with technological advances. Plinko became the fairest online gambling game. Because Plinko had no ways to prove that it isn’t a scam. But now you don’t have to worry about scams and cheats due to technology. And we will tell you how to play Plinko.

Why Is Plinko The Perfect Gambling Game?

There are a million reasons why you should learn how to play Plinko. For starters, there are many scientific facts about this game. According to Forbes, it perfectly explains and represents chaos theory. Furthermore, it also shows how everything in the world is in constant motion. Because the magnitude between two coins dropped on the same slot is extremely different. Therefore, the fact that Plinko is a great random game without any tampering or modification, shows how our universe keeps moving and altering its results.

But without being scientific about the whole thing, let’s just simplify the game. People enjoy horse racing and roulette. Plinko, is exactly the mix of the two, with a digital ball running down random slots.

Who Plays This Game?

Now you might wonder why Plinko and similar mechanic games became so popular recently. The trend has been started by XQC. And according to Gamer Empire, he keeps playing on sites that allow Plinko. Furthermore, he has a record of winning huge amounts of cash on Plinko. This is another reason why you should learn how to play Plinko.

Furthermore, the game was first featured in the 1983 show called The Price is Right. Yet, nowadays the whole screen has been modernized and digitized. No more corny paper-cut tables and people holding them. It is now on your screen in a typical online casino setting. If you are skeptical about it, you can try it for free at BitStarz Casino after registering. 

How To Play Plinko?

Now that we told you all about how Plinko was created and how it perfectly explains the Chaos Theory. Let’s go back to the basics and learn how to play. Just register at BitStarz Casino and you will be provided with the whole game all in all. You will play by dropping a ball into a dotted field from above. The ball will bounce off dots until it lands in one of the several slots on the bottom. Furthermore, you will see slots on the bottom with different values. These can range from 0.25x to 1000x and this is how to play Plinko.

All you have to do is to make your preference. (Risk difficulty, Rows, and bet amount/click). Then from now, you will have to just press “Bet” and stake your money. The ball will drop down on either of the multipliers. You can either half the cash when it lands on 0.5. However, there is a chance you will hit 100x. 

Plinko Is Not Rigged

There is still a misconception on the internet about gambling games. Because if you register for something new, the first question is: Is it rigged? According to Reddit, Plinko is not rigged. Because several people are posting the cash and profit they have won from the game. Therefore, anyone who complains is probably just unlucky.

This is why you should always have a gambling budget. Because to avoid joining those upset people, you need security. If you are only playing with the cash you are ready to lose. However, you can still celebrate winning.

Make sure to always stay gambling aware, and play with a set gambling budget. Because it is not hard to zone out while playing Plinko. Therefore, all you have to do is to click and risk your current bet.

How To Play Plinko With Real Cash?

Now that you know how to play Plinko, let us talk about the real cash options. Because this is one of the games where you are going to stake your currency every second you push the button. Therefore, it is wise that you are not attaching a bank card to the operator. This is why our top recommendation is to play with cryptocurrency.

The option is available at the most modern online casinos like BitStarz Casino. However, you can also just deposit real cash for the currency at the site. That way, you will set yourself a budget, and be able to play until you either run out or hit the jackpot.

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