How to Start Streaming Your Gaming

  • Invest in a good equipment if you're thinking of starting to stream your gaming
  • League of Legends and Dota 2 are some of the most popular games in the esports community
  • Choose your platform smartly when you're starting out
start streaming your gaming

An average salary of a professional esports player is 3000 to 5000 dollars a month. The majority of their income comes from the tournaments’ prizes, advertisements, and sponsorship. However, there are only a few players who can make a stable living out of the tournaments’ prizes. In order to stabilize their income or just to have some extra side money, lots of the players use streaming platforms. Here are some tips on how to start streaming your gaming.

Being a professional esports player is not easy. It’s a journey that only so many can take since it requires years of practice, dedication, and hard work. You would have to give it your all and focus solely on the game to reach the international level. Luckily, even if you’re not that dedicated to the game, you can still earn some money by playing the games that you like.

Since you’re already here, we expect that you probably already have some knowledge about the esports. You’ve probably spent hours watching the matches and betting on them. Thanks to the numerous online sportsbooks in South Korea, you can stream the game live that you’ve placed a bet on. But now you want to get more involved in the process. You’re confident in your gaming skills, but not enough to actually participate in the matches. Streaming your gaming is just the thing for you.

start streaming your gaming
Gaming for money? A dream comes true!

Start streaming your gaming 101

Learn from the experienced players

First things first, you should have a clear idea about what you’re getting into. Before you get started, watch as many players and matches as you can. Learn about the players with the biggest followers and try to find out what’s appealing to the watchers. Another way to learn more about the game is to watch international matches. Obviously, you can’t expect yourself to be as good as the professional players who are winning at the international tournaments. Bet365 sportsbook lets their users watch any game for free online as long they’ve bet on it and have made a deposit to their account. It’s a great practice to watch the game often with the commentary and predict the outcome.

Get the appropriate gears

Even though the content is important, you can only go so far without the appropriate technical gears. You don’t have to have the super fancy, high-tech gadgets when you’re starting out. Once you’ve gotten more comfortable with streaming your gaming and start getting some income from it, you can always invest in better equipment.

However, keep in mind that its content you’re getting out to the people who’re already used to the high-quality streamers. The essential basics are PC or a console that’s strong enough to play the game without any glitches, good headset, and a strong internet connection. Also since the watchers will be listening to you, the background should be quiet.

Picking a game to stream

The most obvious solution to this one is to pick the one that you’re already good at. It’s no use trying to stream a game that you know nothing about just because it’s popular. However, if you’re planning on starting out from the zero, choosing the game to learn can influence when you’re wondering how to start streaming your gaming.

According to the online sportsbooks in the UK, the most popular games in terms of the hours played are Fortnite, League of Legends, and Dota 2. Most of the streamers stick to only one game. For popular games, obviously the financial opportunities are greater, but you should keep in mind that the competition would be strong there. So when you’re starting out, it’s probably best to start out with a less-known game and build up a strong fan base.

start streaming your gaming
Start streaming now!

Create a schedule to stream and be consistent

Before you get started, it’s best to plan ahead. Having a consistent schedule on when to stream will not only keep you accountable for your work, but also create a kind of connection between you and your fans. The relationship between you and your fans is much like any other. You need to communicate with them. If you just disappear without any notification, you’ll lose your fans. Obviously your schedule will vary, but remember that your fans’ schedule is not consistent too. So if you want them to tune in to your streaming, you should let them know about the time. Simple as that.

Create your brand

You’re basically selling yourself when you’re selling your content. So when you’re wondering how to start streaming your gaming, you should have an idea about what you’re trying to sell. Think about what you’re going to show the fans and have a rough idea about how the streaming session is going to go. Have a very rough script and a few opening joke if you like. It’s best to be yourself instead of building a different personality. Once you lose that personality, you’ll probably lose your fans too. Obviously the whole session is not going to go through your exact plan. However preparing for what might happen is much better than having to go through the awkward silence and uncomfortable stops.

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