How To Understand Slot Machines – A Quick Guide For Confusion


Posted: November 28, 2023

Updated: November 28, 2023

  • Code for a slot machine
  • How are online slots different from old machines?
  • How to understand slot machines

Never knew how to understand slot machines? Don’t worry! We are here to explain everything about the elements that build up a modern, online slot. Unlike the good old reel-based machines, these are no longer bound to physical laws. Therefore, they might be deceptive with their appearance. But we are here to unfold everything from the core by reviewing how the code is written.

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Today we are going to explain how to understand slot machines. This means that this is your guide to understanding slots better. This way you can figure out which are the ones that will pay out a little better. Keep in mind that it is nearly impossible to tell which are the winning slots. Furthermore, it is fully a game of chance. Therefore, you have equal odds of winning at all of the iterations of these games. But at the same time?

We all have a sense of personality and preference, and understanding how games work is going to make you understand. Register at any of the online gambling sites in the US. Because slots are not hard to understand. However, at first sight, they always feel like a lot.

Introduction To How To Understand Slot Machines

Let us introduce you to what a slot is first. While we are not going to explain how casinos make money on slots, we wish to give you a guideline on how to perceive slots. Generally, this is what an overly simplified code looks like:

  • import random
  • def play_slot_machine():
  •     symbols = [‘Cherry’, ‘Apple’, ‘Orange’, ‘Banana’, ‘Grapes’]
  •     reels = [random.choice(symbols) for _ in range(3)]
  •     print(f”Slot Machine: {‘ – ‘.join(reels)}”)
  •     if reels[0] == reels[1] == reels[2]:
  •         print(“Jackpot! You win!”)
  •     else:
  •         print(“Sorry, try again.”)
  • play_slot_machine()

You can see that the slots are using a ‘random’ function, which we always refer to as RNG. The reels are going to spin three out of five symbols at random. When they align, you are winning. However, if they do not align, you lose. This is how all slots work at BC. Game Casino!

Reels in slots explained

The Reels Explained

Now that we have started to understand slot machines, let us explain the reels. Even if you look at the code above, you can see that there is nothing special about the reels. While the old slot machines used to be all about the moving reels. But according to Know Your Slots, reels in digital work are nothing but literal empty slots in which the symbols are going to be generated. No spin rate or anything. It’s all just an animation.

The way this animation works is by moving a sequence of lines with animation, where the object (the line with symbols) moves from X to Y rapidly. Therefore, the slot animations have nothing to do with the final results. In conclusion, Reels are irrelevant in this topic, and you shouldn’t be excited about the spinning results. It’s an illusion. But the result is truly random, not predetermined.

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Paylines – How To Understand Slot Machines

Paylines are making modern slots a little complicated. We have a whole article dedicated to teaching you how to understand slot pay lines. But generally, these are vector shapes. If symbols align in a given shape, then you will receive a reward based on how much the pay line is worth. You can trigger several different pay lines at the same time.

For me, the greatest jackpot I got was a full jackpot on a Penguin-themed slot, where I hit all of the reels, managing to turn my small bet into a large sum of cash. However, sometimes it feels bad if the pay line does not contain the aligned 3 symbols, and you get frustrated about not winning. This is why you should always check the pay lines before you bet on a game. 

slot paylines explained

Symbols Explained

Now let’s start with the symbols. We all want to understand slot machines. According to Reddit, not everyone who plays slots understands what the symbols mean. Most of the time, these are just symbols to align. But lately with the revolutionary slots, the new theme of using ‘dynamic symbols’ has changed everything. Let me explain it like this. Let’s say you are playing a slot that is about making ‘roadkills’.

In this case, spinning a rabbit and a car icon is going to give you a winning match. Therefore, the old ‘lining up three rabbits’ might no longer work as one could expect. I can not truly explain the symbols to you, because all creators and games have a different mentality and approach to the dynamics. But the results are always Random Number Generated.

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Bonus Features – How To Understand Slot Machines

Now there is a whole new world of opportunities coming up for us with the bonus features! These features are a part of the game. Most of the time, if the feature hits you will know it.

It is whether a very outstanding icon, a shiny icon, or maybe something that otherwise wouldn’t be there in a simple setting. This can be scatter, a replacement symbol, or even a symbol that can be aligned to trigger bonus games. Read our article about the top 7 slots for early 2024 to understand how bonuses manifest in different slots!

Symbols for slots today

The Largest Slots Repertoire

Finally, we have reached the end of the article. To learn how to understand slot machines, first, you have to put it into practice. No matter how much you read about the system, in actuality you will get a feel of it once you have expertise.

Keep in mind that our guidelines can help you ease misconceptions, such as eagerly waiting for the spinning bars to hit where you wish them to land. However, if you are interested in the most creative, or perhaps traditional slot games. Then please check out which slot machines hit the most. And if you want the largest repertoire of gambling games, then register at BC. Game Casino today!

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