10 Smart Hints on How to Win Football Bets in 2021

  • Betting on your favorite team can be a fun addition to watching them win
  • Favorite vs underdog does not often tell the full story
  • Bet on teams’ future results not on their past success
How to win football bets

As a football enthusiast, it has most likely crossed your mind to strike lucky on big moments for your favorite team and players. Or, maybe you are already betting on a regular basis. Either way, it is highly important to check out our thoughts on how to win football bets in 2021 here.

Probably most observers at online gambling news sites in Spain agree that making a wager is a risky way to try to make money. No doubt that placing a wager has to some extent an element of luck. But, if you get a glimpse of doing it sensibly, it is actually a lot of fun and exciting addition to watching your favorite games.

Football is the busiest sport on the planet, with thousands of matches and markets to bet on every week. It is also the sport that you can win or lose most money given the traffic on the market. Therefore, it is very crucial to take your time and dwell on how to win football bets with 10 smart hints offered here.

Consider choosing the best bookmaker

First and foremost it is all about finding the best market and value for your money. Various online sportsbooks in Spain and around the world try always to offer the best prices, given the intense competition. No doubt, many exciting and trustworthy bookies are out there, but sticking to one favorite has its own advantages.

If you, for example, check out our review about Bet365 Sportsbook, it has one of the best odds in the betting industry. On such a platform, you can use various loyalty schemes and special in-shop offers. Becoming a loyal client at this or most other platforms gives you the benefit of exploiting all the offers.

Track the trend of your bets

Should you make a regular bet at one of the bookmakers you will be able to build data after a while on that particular platform. That will help you a lot to evaluate how you are doing and whether you have been making money recently. Based on the data you should be able to make better decisions and improve your winning strategies.

Make sure you understand all market forms

Odds on match winner, scoreline, goalscorer, tournament outright winner, must be well-known and very simple for football fans. But, there are plenty of other markets which can be obscure, while they can provide great opportunities to win big money.

For example, there is a big difference between the full-time result and half-time/full time. For the full-time result, your team has to come out victorious at the end of the game. But, for half time/full time, your team has to be winning at half time and then win the match.

Another example, the double chance is about placing a bet on two possible outcomes, a draw and a win, or a win and a win. It is basically an easier bet to win, but less profitable than only a match win bet. In case you are curious about a certain market form, just check the terms and conditions.

How to win football bets
Let’s play!

Stick to your beloved team, league

Knowing your team inside out and following a league for years should make you an expert on how to win football bets on basic things. It is not only who has been going on a winning streak lately. But, it is also about the gameplay, the tactics deployed by the players, and their performance week in week out.

Besides, the experience of the team is crucial. To take an example, Real Madrid has had a rocky season in a broad sense for 2020/2021. But, with the massive experience Real have in the Champions League, they reached the semi-finals easily. Of course, as a Real fan, it should be unquestionable for you that Teal can compete in the Champions League almost every year.

However, it is highly important to not bet with your heart over your head. If you made all the calculations, and it seems your team will most likely mess it up, do not try to convince yourself otherwise. Put your money on the winner, not on the team you wish is going to win.

Favorite vs underdog does not often tell the full story

when the bookmakers give a price and suggest the favorites and underdogs in any match, their view is often correct. For example, it is hard to see Bayern Munich not being the favorite in most Bundesliga matches. Eighth-time champions marching towards the ninth title will certainly be favored against the likes of Leipzig, Wolfsburg, Frankfurt, and so on.

On the surface such examples always make sense and they are always backed by bookmakers such as Bet365 Sportsbook. However, Bayern in the 2020/2021 season lost 4-1 to Hoffenheim, drew Bremen, Leipzig, and even relegation battling Union Berlin and Bielefeld. So, it is not always about the most successful team winning over a struggling one.

Spare some time for research development on best strategies

Given that football is the biggest sport on the planet with an estimated 4 billion fans, there is a huge volume of markets available in every league in the world. You may consider avoiding derby games or big events like El Clasico. In such events the unpredictability element is high, coaches, players elevate their game to the highest level. So much is at stake, so everyone seeks to do the impossible to make a mark. Therefore, betting on events not attracting such big attention may pay off.

Bet on the future, not the past

Most bookmakers are happy to offer new league odds as soon as the previous one ends. However, most of the time the markets are solely dependent on teams’ performance in the previous season rather than the coming one. For example, Liverpool, Juventus, PSG, and Barcelona have enjoyed the best odds to win back-to-back titles in their domestic leagues. Yet a few months later, their chances have dropped with some already out of the title race.

How to win football bets
Bet on football!

Settle on small profits more often

It is not exciting to bet with a 1.004 value at Bet365 Sportsbook on Manchester City to win the 2021 Premier League. But, it is a very safe bet given the impressive performance of Guardiola’s men. Placing a safe bet many times is better than getting caught up chasing big bets and facing frustrating losses.

Learn to lose

Everyone loses from time to time. So, it is important to embrace the idea of placing a bet can mean losing your money every once in a while. It is a fact, and your focus should be not on how to get your money back as quickly as possible. Instead, it should be on how to build on your losses and improve your betting strategies.

Bet on soccer, not football

This is a very simple hint, but many people make this mistake sometimes unintentionally. For some bookmakers such as Bet365 Sportsbook, soccer is the word used to describe all forms of markets on football around the world. Whereas, football is also there but for American football only.

You can discover more about Bet365 Sportsbook here.

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