How to Win Progressive Jackpot Games?

  • What is a progressive jackpot and why is it better than a fixed one?
  • Our tips will help you to win at games with progressive jackpots
how to win progressive jackpot games

Learn how to win progressive jackpot games as they usually bring higher winnings than casino games with a fixed prize. Our gambling guide will explain everything you need to know about casino games with a progressive jackpot.

Games with a progressive jackpot are very popular at online gambling sites in China. Most experienced gamblers prefer playing progressive jackpot casino games to earn a bigger profit. If you are green in gambling, we will explain to you what progressive and non-progressive prizes are and what you should do to win these games. 

What is a progressive jackpot game?

First of all, let’s learn everything about progressive jackpot games. What are they? What makes them special in comparison to fixed-prize games? Why is it better to play casino games offering a progressive prize? 

So, a casino game with a progressive jackpot is a game where your estimated prize is constantly increasing. In other words, the jackpot in such games is not fixed which allows gamblers to win different sums. Playing one of the new games with progressive jackpots is riskier than playing fixed-prize games. At the same time, it is way more profitable if you manage to hit the jackpot. Let’s see which type of casino game you should choose if you are still hesitating.

Progressive vs. fixed 

The main difference between them and fixed-jackpot games lies in the possible winnings. For example, a fixed (non-progressive) gambling game offers a fixed prize of $50,000 to the winner. It means you will never win more than this amount of money in this game. 

how to win progressive jackpot games
Let’s spin!

At the same time, games with progressive jackpots can go sky-high and make you a millionaire. All gamblers know the legendary Mega Moolah slot which entered the Guinness Book of World Records for paying out a jackpot of €17,880,900! Everyone has a chance to be the next record-breaker at Zodiac Casino.

Before you decide to replicate this success, you have to learn something. Playing progressive-jackpot games seems better but it won’t fit people who are afraid of losing money. While playing this type of game, you will often lose, but if you manage to hit the jackpot, all your expenses will be covered. However, if you prefer winning small sums and not to play for high stakes, choose a fixed prize.

Tips on how to win progressive jackpot games

If you decide to play for high stakes, you need to learn some very useful tips on how to win progressive jackpot games. The next three pieces of advice will significantly increase your winning chances as not all gamblers are aware of them. So, what should you do to win the biggest money in your life?

  • Wait for the jackpot to become really huge. The golden rule of playing progressive-jackpot games is to wait until the estimated prize reaches its peak. How to know when to play? Just figure out the date when the previous prize was won. If the next jackpot hasn’t been taken for weeks or even months, every next spin can bring you millions. Remember: the longer a jackpot stays at a casino, the bigger it becomes and so do chances to win it.
  • Plan your budget in advance. It is very important to plan your gambling budget before you play at online casinos in China. To hit the long-awaited progressive prize, you will have to play a lot. So, manage your finances in advance and play with smaller sums to prolong your stay at a casino and increase the winning chances.
  • Do not play with “scared money”. One of the biggest mistakes gamblers make is playing with so-called “scared money”. It is money you are afraid to lose or you play with while in a bad mood. Gamblers believe it never helps to win, that’s why planning your budget and believing in success is so important. Especially, if you want to know how to win progressive jackpot games.

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