Hungarian Tennis Talent Wins Junior Australian Open 2017

Piros Zsombor Grand Slam Winner

The best tennis talents show their skills at an early age and perform well at junior tournaments. That’s exactly what the biggest Hungarian tennis talent of today has done at the Junior Australian Open 2017 competition.

Online gambling news in Hungary can’t stop reporting about the biggest Hungarian tennis talent, Zsombor Piros, who just won Junior Australian Open 2017. This is not the first competition that the Hungarian young tennis player triumphed in, but as he himself states, this is without a doubt the most important one.

The Hungarian tennis talent was underdog at the competition

Piros didn’t arrived to Junior Australian Open 2017 as one of the main candidates to win the trophy. He was highlighted in the 15th position in the beginning of the tournament. His opponent in the final was 4th ranked Yshail Oliel. The Israeli tennis talent won the first set but Piros overcame and became the first Hungarian who ever won the Australian Open.

Following the role model’s path…

It is not a big secret and it will not be a surprising fun fact but Piros Zsombor’s role model is Swiss legend Roger Federer. The 17-year-old tennis youngster says Federer has been a huge inspiration ever since he was a 6-year-old kid. As a matter of fact, Federer also start his career by winning Junior Grand Slam tournaments. Would you bet on Piros to be the next Federer?

As of today, it might be a bold idea to expect the youngster to replace one of the best tennis players of all time. However, online sportsbooks might need to pay better attention to him and his matches in the future. Maybe it won’t be worth it for them to put such high odds for him, and betting on the underdogs could easily turn into betting against the Hungarian tennis talent!

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