Sutton United of the 5th Division Are Better Than Liverpool FC!

Wayne Shaw Sutton United FA Cup

Jürgen Klopp’s men seemed to finally have a pretty solid season, however, these past few weeks made us realize that everyone is better than Liverpool FC…

After waiting for long years for it to happen, thanks to Klopp’s terrific work and Liverpool’s great performances earlier this season, not only the most biased Liverpool fans, but also online sportsbooks believed that Liverpool can finally have a chance to make something great again after long years of waiting. However, as of January 2017, everything seems to be falling apart…

Liverpool were knocked out of the FA Cup…

Wolverhampton Wanderers, who can be found in the lower half of the English Second division, have proved to be better than Liverpool upon knocking them out by 2-1 at Anfield Road. Meanwhile, the above-shown gentleman, a certain Wayne Shaw will in fact participate in the FA Cup’s 5th Round.

Which means, he is better than Liverpool. In addition, he plays for Sutton United, which is represented in the National League, which is officially only the 5th division in England. They, by the way, knocked out another historic English club, Leeds United. Wayne Shaw is better than Liverpool as they heroically won against a team that is literally three levels ahead of them, while Liverpool lost to one that is one level below them.

Liverpool are not big on the Premier League either…

Liverpool were not only knocked out of the FA Cup, but there are also tons of “Liverpool losing jokes and Liverpool losing memes in regards of the Premier League as well. Another big hit of the week was that against all odds and expectations of online sportsbooks in Australia, Roger Federer won Australian Open 2017. Footy Humours Twitter page highlighted the fact how much the world can change in two decades.

Federer and Liverpool

Liverpool, shall we talk progress? (Photo: Twitter)

Back in 1990, Roger Federer was a young tennis talent who just became a senior player and was on the road to success. Meanwhile, Liverpool were the number 1 English football club, having won more Premiership titles than anyone else – 18, precisely. Up to 2017, Liverpool haven’t added one single championship trophy to their collection, while Federer grew out to become the biggest tennis legend of all time, winning 18 Grand Slams altogether.

However, Liverpool FC, with Jürgen Klopp at the helm, has pretty good odds to do a bit better this season. Online sportsbooks in the UK expect Chelsea to be champions and hence the odds for Chelsea to win the league are pretty low, but 4th placed Liverpool are also favourites to win Premier League this season. Place your bets on the underdogs if you think they can finally break the curse! Liverpool’s odds to win the league are 15.00 (14/1) at BetVictor. Place your bets now!

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