ICC Champions Trophy Betting Puts England Ahead Already

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The top eight cricket teams in the world come together for the ICC Champions Trophy betting the weather and security concerns won’t get in the way of this fabulous tournament that has become a showcase for International Cricket, but if you’re going to back a team which should you go for to win, and what other bets are available at sites like Bet365?

ICC Champions Trophy

• Bangladesh – 50/1
• Sri Lanka – 28/1
• Pakistan – 18/1
• New Zealand – 9/1
• India – 9/2
• South Africa – 4/1
• Australia – 3/1
• England – 5/2

The ICC Champions Trophy is a bit of an odd duck with eight international sides playing both round-robin and knockout stages to see who wins this, arguably the second most prestigious tournament in top tier Cricket these days (behind the Cricket World Cup naturally) and this year the teams, and spectators, will be in England and Wales for the ICC Champions Trophy betting on the weather not being entirely terrible, which, if we’re honest, is probably just a case of optimism triumphing over experience.

Of course the big news this year is that the West Indies won’t be there. Their failure to qualify a sign of lamentable times for the Windies who didn’t manage to rank in the ICC’s top eight and thus are absent for the first time in ages being replaced, as it were, by Bangladesh who arrive at the ICC Champions Trophy betting they’ll enjoy their first appearance since 2006 some 11 years ago, and knowing they’ve absolutely no chance of winning, and if you like to bet on sports in the UK you shouldn’t back them.

ICC Champions Trophy Betting Simple At Bet365

With Bet365 giving Bangladesh just 50/1 to win you’re going to have to scan down some of the other books on their matches to find a winner, and whilst Sri Lanka get 28/1 those are odds that only look good in comparison and as soon as you start looking at the better regarded teams you notice that these odds are far longer than they seem and if you’re going to do some ICC Champions Trophy betting it’ll be best if you don’t stray far from the favorites. Even the improving Pakistan are only getting 18/1.

Bet on Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s odds to win the ICC Champions Trophy this year are set at 28/1 (photo:

So who does that leave? Well if you take advantage of UK gambling laws and hit the internet Bet365 will give you 9/1 on the New Zealand side performing a miracle and demonstrating a little more cohesion than they have of late, and India get 9/2 pretty much on the same basis, and whilst they are still outsiders at least people will be taking them seriously. The more sensible ICC Champions Trophy betting, however, will be on the top three teams that have set this up as a three way fight for the win.

Back The Best Bowler Or Batsmen At Bet365

Pick The ICC CT Finalists

• Eng/Aus – 5/1
• Eng/SA – 11/2
• Eng/Ind – 6/1
• Aus/SA – 13/2
• Aus/Ind – 7/1
• Ind/SA – 8/1
• Eng/NZ – 11/1
• Aus/NZ – 14/1
• NZ/SA – 14/1

The strong and somewhat sullen South Africa get 4/1 which is entirely fair and with a strong middle order they could do some serious damage to the hopes Australia have of turning their 3/1 odds at Bet365 into victory, however beyond all these it’s the host nation that seems to have the bookies blessing with 5/2 odds on them winning the whole tournament. Will the weather upset this seemingly fated win? Possibly but even if it does there are plenty of other ICC Champions Trophy betting options.

Why not watch the ICC Champions Trophy betting on the best batsman? Warner gets 8/1 with Smith at 8/1 plus Kohli and Root both on 10/1 at Bet365. Or perhaps best bowler? Starc grabs 9/1with Rashid on 12/1 just ahead of Bumrah and Tahir both on 14/1. UK gambling news sites will tell you the final is likely to be England vs Australia and that line up is a 5/1 shot, but England vs SA is 11/2, and that might well be worth a punt, unlike a Bangladesh vs Sri Lanka final which garners just 300/1 on happening.

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