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Posted: April 5, 2023

Updated: April 5, 2023

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If you love to laugh about Kim Kardashian’s fashion choice for poker disadvantages. Then you are at the right place. I am going to show you new-world memes that feature XQC. Yet I will not root out the classics either. Therefore, this is the master collection of the most iconic gambling memes ever. Check out our meme review for 2023. Because memes are one of the most common things on the internet. And to speak the language means that you are part of the community.

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In this article, I have collected the most iconic gambling memes for you. Even if Pewdiepie is no longer making meme reviews. We have to continue the tradition in the community. Therefore, these are my favorite memes of all items. If you are here to play, then just register at the online casino sites in the US. Because these images will get you into the gambling mood. However, I would like to state as a disclaimer that most of these images are just good fun. 

Therefore, they do not reflect reality. Even if it’s mighty fun to laugh at these phenomena. I am going to spare you the old 9GAG memes. Instead, I collected memes that persisted through time, yet they are not as old as rage comics and other old-internet memes. Without further ado, let’s check out the images. By the way, is this loss?

Degenerate XQC – The Embodiment Of Iconic Gambling Memes

Let’s start with my favorite one. This is not a meme. Instead, it was a Reddit post to make fun of XQC’s unhealthy gambling habits. Gambling is all fun and games. Yet taking it to the extremes is not okay. However, he used to be the number one Twitch streamer. This means that this guy is a millionaire. So what if he blows up $500k in the casino or the sportsbook? If he gets $2 million in one month.

People want to protect him, but right now, he can afford all of this. According to Reddit, the user posted this image asking Redditors to upvote the image. This way, when someone googles gambling problems, they’ll see this funny face XQC made. However, if you want to play at an ethical gambling site, then I recommend you to register at VAVE Casino

Kim Kardashian’s Poker Glasses

Moving on with the next person among the iconic gambling memes. Kim Kardashian is a multidimensional character in this story. Because you can actively bet on Kim Kardashian’s next boyfriend. Every single year, even when she is in a relationship. However, we are not here to talk about the best bets of all time. Instead, I am here to talk about her poker glasses. I hate to explain the obvious joke.

But if you don’t get it immediately, then let me reflect on the problem. She is there to wear the expensive, mesmerizing look and not to win. But the fact that she had a whole photoshoot acting like she has serious business makes this image all the funnier. Just make sure they don’t look at your glasses, Kim.

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Your Girlfriend Always Wins

Now that we talked about the Queen of the most iconic gambling memes. Let’s give even more recognition to gambling women. No wonder why the best gambling characters are mainly female. Because there is a running theme in every man’s life that their partner will always win. This is not even a universal meme you can search for. However, this has happened to everyone. You believe that you know everything better than your newbie girlfriend.

Then she shows up at the casino and wins at absolutely everything. Maybe we should weaponize this knowledge and start high-stake gambling. But jokes aside, this is pretty funny when it happens. Another lesson about mansplaining.

Aaaaaand It’s Gone

One of my favorite memes comes from my favorite show. South Park always delivers top-quality humor. They have featured elements from everything I have mentioned in this article. Furthermore, they had episodes dedicated to Kim Kardashian the Hobbit, or the Cryptocurrency pee that replaces water. However, it also has strong opinions on banking and gambling. According to to Know Your Meme the episode aired on March 25th, 2009. In the show, the bank takes your money.

Then after a few seconds, he explains how the money moves around aaaaand it’s gone. It’s a pretty funny joke, reflective of how the economy works sometimes. This is why it is among the most overused and iconic gambling memes. You enter Las Vegas with $100. Then you meet a guy at the table who buys you a drink. You accept a risky bet aaaand it’s gone.

Crypto Clowns – Iconic Gambling Memes

People can make a profit out of crypto trading. However, there are typical online poker players who don’t understand things. They just follow the trends like sheep. And they also joined the crypto craze last year. Now I do not wish to bad-mouth crypto in hindsight.

I don’t think that crypto was ever an investment. It is a tool to make sure that the currency you own is truly yours. However, it can be a huge gamble to trust your money on a volatile coin. This is why this meme persists and why it is so relevant. Because it is one thing to trust the coins over the economy. But it is another to act obnoxiously on the internet.

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Broncos 3-0

Oh, the Broncos. If you are not a fan of the sport, then you probably don’t get this one. But generally, the Broncos are one of the worst football teams ever. According to Denver Sports, the Broncos are not terrible. However, they are not perfect either. They can put up a good defense against the top team. However, there is no way they can perform a consistent score. This is why the bookies love to give incredibly good odds on the Broncos.

Everyone will tell you that the Broncos will lose. But when will they win? You will brag about it to your friends if you bet on the team. One problem is that it’s usually other terrible teams they defeat. Which makes the value of the bet and the victory a little less awesome. A recurring theme among the iconic gambling memes.

Alan Garner Calculation – Iconic Gambling Memes

As you expected, I can not finish this list without mentioning Alan Garner. You already know the movie, you already know the meme. It is pretty self-explanatory. However, this is really how you behave at the poker tables. Whenever you register at any decision-based game. You always sit in front of the computer and do mental calculations. This image is the perfect depiction of the process. I recommend you register at VAVE Casino to try to play the best slots today. You can use your crypto. But better, you can even use your brain. Because their slots are super valuable.


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