Idol Sweden 2020 Odds: Top Contenders to Watch

  • Caspar Camitz is the current frontrunner for the Idol Sweden win
  • 16 year old Nova Luther sets the bar high despite young age
  • Nadja Holm, Affe Hagström, and Simon Karlsson also among top Idol hopefuls
Idol Sweden 2020 odds

The 16th season of the Swedish Idol series is underway with aspiring artists looking to make their singing dreams into reality. One of these potential stars is Caspar Camitz who’s currently the show’s frontrunner with leading Idol Sweden 2020 odds. However, with a list of potential competitors, will Camitz be able to get his big break?

This year, the Idol Sweden finals will run from 25 September to 4 December. Currently, Stockholm auditionee Caspar Camitz is a top favourite for the singing title. However, there are also other top contenders with promising Idol Sweden 2020 odds to consider. 

Let’s see how the top contestants winning chances stand on 888sport:

  • Caspar Camitz 2.00 
  • Nadja Holm 5.50 
  • Nova Luther 7.50 
  • Affe Hagström 10.00 
  • Simon Karlsson 12.00 

Caspar Camitz leads with top Idol Sweden 2020 odds

Currently, Caspar Camitz is the top favourite for the 2020 Idol Sweden title. The 25-year-old auditioned from Stockholm and managed to impress judges from the onset. Consequently, he booked a place in the finals and a win looks inevitable for the aspiring star. 

According to the online sportsbook news in Sweden, Camitz’s style is similar to that of soul legend Donny Hathaway. Overall, it’s his “Watermelon Sugar”, “Jealous Guy,” performances and more that have bought him so far in the competition. 

Consequently, Caspar Camitz will be a safe bet with Idol Sweden 2020 odds at 2.00 on 888sport

Nadja Holm risks it all to realize her dream in the music industry

So far, the Sundsvall auditionee has definitely caught the attention of many at the Idol competition. However, it’s not just for her singing. Early on in the competition, Holm revealed that she quit her bank job to pursue a full-time singing career. 

Although Holm might have taken a risk, it’s starting to look like it might just pay off. Fortunately, she finds herself in a favourable position of winning on 888sport, an available online sportsbook in Sweden

She’s managed to wow both judges and viewers with covers of Beyonce’s “Freedom,” and Ariana Grande’s “Breathin.” Consequently, with Idols Sweden 2020 odds at 5.50, she’s one of the aspiring artists to keep an eye on. 

Idol Sweden 2020 odds
Let’s sing!

Nova Luther is the youngster making waves at the 2020 Idol Sweden 

At just 16 year’s old, Nova Luther has already made her presence known on the Idol stage. From the onset, the teenager expressed a keen interest in one day making it is a pop star. Currently, Luther has been compared to industry legends Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson. 

Not bad for the young aspiring artist who’s already set the bar high for the other hopefuls. However, a compliment and comparison like this come with a lot of high expectations and of course, a lot of pressure. 

According to 888sport, Nova Luther currently has the third-best Idol Sweden 2020 odds of winning at 5.50

More contestants with promising Idol Sweden 2020 odds 

Affe Hagström is one of the 2020 Idol Sweden contestants to keep an eye on this season. First, Hagström impressed all four judges at the Stockholm auditions thanks to his cover of “Killing Me Softly,” by the Fugees. 

Similarly to the other top hopefuls, Hagström rightfully booked a spot in the finals and now eyes the grand prize. Currently, his Idol Sweden 2020 odds of winning stand at 10.00 on 888sport. Lastly, Simon Karlsson completes the list of top contenders looking to claim the 2020 Idol Sweden win. 

Karlsson took a risk by singing an original song “Crossing Waters” at the Stockholm auditions. Nevertheless, it was a risk worth taking as now finds himself in the Idol finals. The aspiring artist has been involved in music since he was 12 years. 

Now at 26, he’ll be hoping to achieve his big break with Idol Sweden odds 2020 odds at 12.00

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