The Main Question – Can Gambling Become More Sustainable?

  • Online casinos need no raw materials, vast amounts of energy and transportation
  • The number of live casinos turning green is increasing
eco-friendly casinos

With the development of the gambling industry, there are more and more casinos opening every year but what about eco-friendly casinos? 

When it comes to land-based, they have been around for so long that they have already established their strong reputation. The same goes for online casinos in the US. Due to the convenience and flexibility they give to people, they have spread across the world so fast. Thus, online casinos like CyberSpins Casino gave harsh competition to live casinos. But is it only convenience, online gambling promotions in the US, comfort from playing from anywhere you want, etc. that makes online casinos more popular? Surely, not though they’re one of the main reasons why people bet online. Eco-friendliness is another factor differing these two types of casinos from each other – so, online or traditional casinos? We guess the answer is pretty straightforward. If you just think of how many different lights, hotels, sounds live casinos are using, it’ll already be enough to realize which types utilize more energy.

Nevertheless, more and more live casinos are turning green these days which makes it possible to make gambling more eco-friendly. So, let’s see what exactly makes online casinos more sustainable and examples of some green live casinos.

eco-friendly casinos
Let’s protect nature!

Why Is It Important to Have Eco-Friendly Casinos?

Though it seems clear, we still want to clarify this point.

We all know how plastic is for nature. It kills more than 100K marine animals annually! That’s a big number and a big problem for the world. And all that plastic comes from us – humans. Therefore, it’s in our hands to solve the problem and protect the earn and its inhabitants. So, why don’t we just make some changes and turn the world into a better place to live?

This pollution comes not only from the factories, heavy industries, etc. That’s true that their contribution is big enough, but it’s not only them that pollutes the air. There are so many people who travel to casinos to play. And what it leads to? Enormous plastic and other garbage come from those casinos.

The electricity usage. You can see the lights of Vegas Casinos from miles away. If you’ve ever visited one of their casinos and have seen how many different lights they’re using, then, you’ll understand what we talk about. And if you haven’t, research on it. And the good news is – lots of land-based casinos are turning into eco-friendly casinos! But will they ever become as green as online casinos are? That’s an interesting question.

It might be one of the main reasons why people are turning to online gambling sites in the US as well as mobile gambling apps. You have the small casino on your phone without harming anything. No need to travel anywhere to gamble. Gamblers can even make all the transactions through your phone. It’s all that flexible. Therefore, if you are stuck between choosing an online or live casino – remind yourself of what you have just read.

The Hardware That Online Casinos Are Using Is Eco-Friendly

The technological advancements in the world of gambling let the websites operate through the servers. The online casino industry’s enthusiasm for the new experiences and innovations made the usage of servers possible. And that’s also making online casinos more eco-friendly casinos! If you ask how the energy they use is lower and they can easily utilize the renewable energy as well.

That benefits not only the gambling industry but the environment as well.

eco-friendly casinos
Can we go green?

Online Casinos Consume Lower Raw Materials

As well know, the raw materials help us keep our businesses alive and functioning.

That’s the same for live casinos. They need their halls with the equipment inside, parking areas, hotels for operating. And those all demand raw materials for being constructed.

Well, that’s not what we need for online casinos. There are no materials needed to establish the online casino “halls”. Neither they need vast amounts of energy to operate. As we said, they can rely on servers which makes way more eco-friendly casinos.

There Are Fewer Greenhouse Emissions Since You Play From Home and Don’t Go Anywhere

Have you ever thought that the fact you gamble from home makes this world a little bit greener?

Since you play from the comfort of your home without traveling anywhere, you need no busses or cars for it. This way, you make the world a little bit less damaged from gas emissions.

Which Live Casinos Are Becoming Eco-Friendly Casinos?

Well, as we said before, more and more live casinos started taking action to turn green. So, it’s good to know some of those casinos that are on their ways to becoming more eco-friendly casinos. Here they are:

  • Mandalay Bay Resorts
  • Sibaya Casino
  • Resorts World Sentosa
  • Caesar’s Entertainment
  • MGM Resorts
  • The Venetian Macao
  • Turtle Creek Casino

What Can Help Casinos Become Greener?

The gambling industry is developing and the opportunities to go greener are widening. So, here are some ideas on what casinos can do to make gambling a more sustainable industry.

Planting the trees with every new member added to the industry can be a great idea. Can you imagine how many new trees there would be?

Different campaigns and projects on saving the environment can also be very helpful.

You can discover more about CyberSpins here.

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