Impossible Gambling Stories You’ll Never Believe

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impossible gambling stories you'll never believe

Gambling can be a lot of fun, and few activities can trigger such extreme emotional reactions as gambling. You have to be careful but bold to win. Hundreds of stories are circulating on the Internet about casino scandals or incredible wins. Here are the most impossible gambling stories you’ll never believe! 

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A Student Gambled Away His 4400 Pounds Student Loan!

One of the most impossible gambling stories you’ll never believe happened in 2010. A British student watched an African Cup of Nations match, Angola vs. Mali. There were only 11 minutes left in the game when Angola had the upper hand with 4-0. The student had a sudden idea and bet his entire student loan, 4,400 pounds, on the fact that Angola would win. 

Then, the most epic revival in modern football happened. Mali scored four goals and let in none in the remaining ten minutes, making the final results 4-4. The guy lost all his money, admittedly, under unbelievable circumstances. To make the story even more painful, the guy thought he was about to win £440, but, in reality, he would have only received £44 if his bet came through.

The Most Impossible Gambling Stories You’ll Never Believe

People can’t decide whether Croatian Frane Selak was the luckiest or most unfortunate man in the world. The unbelievable stories started in the 60s when the train he was traveling on derailed and fell into a river, and he was the only survivor. The following year, he traveled on a plane that crashed. When the plane’s door tore off, he must have fallen out because they found Frane in a haystack. 

In 1966, Frane was in another accident when the bus he sat on fell into a river again. He was among the survivors who left the scene without a scratch. His car also broke down several times. Once it exploded, then it caught fire. In 1995, a bus hit him, and a year later, he lost control of his car and fell off a cliff. However, he could catch hold of a branch while his vehicle crashed below him. The icing on the cake is that in 2003, he won a million dollars in the lottery! After everything, this was the least, but nobody saw it coming!

When Cheating Backfires

According to Everygame Casino, a married couple won about $ 4 million by cheating in the Parkwest Casino. The wife was a dealer, and they played EZ Baccarat and Panda 8 games a few years ago. Their method was that the wife looked at the order of the cards after shuffling and then passed the info to her husband, who made bets when he recognized the series of cards.

The casino became suspicious of the man’s winning streaks, habits, and statistics and notified the California Department of Justice. The authorities arrested them in Texas, charging them with second-degree grand larceny and eight-degree conspiring to commit it. You should probably play by the rules unless you want to spend years in prison!

Impossible Gambling Stories You’ll Never Believe – A Granny and Craps

Atlantic City is often the destination for older players who want to avoid the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas or Macau. It is the location of the fantastic story of the cute little granny whose story you’ll never believe. The odds for her to pull this feat was one in 1.56 trillion. Patricia Damauro barely started gambling, and she was immediately making money at the Borgata Hotel Casino table in Atlantic City. She bet $100 and won no less than 154 rounds in 4 hours and 18 minutes.

impossible gambling stories you'll never believe
Picture Source: Pexels

Since she became the record holder for the longest Craps roll in history, her impossible gambling story entered the Guinness Book of World Records as the longest winning streak of dice games and the most successful game in the history of dice games. She also made it to the dice game’s Hall of Fame and joined the Platinum Arm Club, which honors the gamblers who roll for 90 minutes straight. Approximately she won around 180,000 dollars! That is how you do it!

Impossible Gambling Stories You’ll Never Believe

Robert Taylor is an immensely fortunate man. The slot machine he played on broke down, and a communication error occurred, so neither he nor the Treasure Island Hotel & Casino staff realized that he had won the jackpot in January. After an investigation, they verified the winning, but by then, Taylor had returned home, and the casino couldn1t identify him.

Then the gambling authorities launched another investigation. Two weeks later, after reviewing several security video footages, interviewing numerous witnesses, and studying purchase and tax records, they found the lucky guy. According to Everygame Casino, it was essential to find the player so he could receive the prize that was rightfully his and to maintain public trust in the casino industry. When Taylor got the news, he decided to go to the casino and claim it in person. 

A Sore Loser Blames the Alcohol!

Casinos always find ways to keep players at the table. If a player leaves large sums of money on the tables, management is happy to provide them with free food, drink, and entertainment. This method worked on a high roller player who is the not-so-proud owner of an impossible gambling story you’ll never believe. Nebraska businessman Terrence Watanabe claims he lost $127 million in Caesars Palace and the Rio All Suite in 2007. That is a lot of money, so his anger was understandable, or not?

Watanabe accused the casino of giving him alcohol and painkillers so he wouldn’t know where he was or what he was doing. The businessman sued Caesars, but they dropped the case when it turned out that Watanabe had previously been banned from the Wynn Casino for excessive alcohol consumption. Ouch! He was one sore loser! Losing money during gambling is painful, but we have collected the sorest losers in sports, check it out!

Impossible Gambling Stories You’ll Never Believe

American FedEx is one of the world’s best-known shipping companies, which made a profit of 50,36 billion dollars in 2016. The company is running successfully now, but the situation was not always so rosy when they founded it in the 70s. Frederick W. Smith, the CEO of FedEx, shared a story from a period when the company was going through a tough time. In the first couple of years, FedEx kept losing $1 million a month, and Smith made a desperate move. He withdrew the last $5,000 from the company’s account and did what no rational human being would do.

 He went to a casino! Desperate times call for desperate measures! He is the prime example of that. Smith spent a weekend at the blackjack tables in Las Vegas and quickly made $5,000 into $32,000. This amount was enough to straighten out the company’s finances. The rest is history! However, sipping cocktails while playing blackjack with the company’s last pennies is not a standard business strategy. Another saying comes to mind in the case of this crazy gambling story: never give up!

A Little Poker Wizard

The validity of this impossible gambling story you’ll never believe has been questioned several times. In 2010, an 8-year-old Indian boy, Aashish Nanak, who won $500,000 in an online poker room, made headlines everywhere. To this day, there are questions about how much of this story is true, but it sure is funny. According to the story, Aashish somehow logged in to his uncle’s online poker player account. 

impossible gambling stories you'll never believe
Picture Source: Pexels

However, instead of clearing out his player account, as any child would probably do in a similar situation, Aashish added half a million dollars to it. According to online casino sites in India, the online poker room refused to pay the prize, saying they didn’t know Assish was a child. The site’s staff referred to Aashish as a little poker wizard. The New Delhi court did not confirm the verdict, but we all hope that Aashish was able to take home the money he won at the virtual poker tables.

Impossible Gambling Stories You’ll Never Believe

The Lake Tahoe Casino caught a man cheating at a craps table, so he may have to face up to five years in prison. Guramarpreet Singh Kang admitted in court that he cheated back in 2020. According to Everygame Casino, he slid the dice instead of throwing them. This trick is banned in all casinos because it lacks the luck factor. Essentially the player places the dice in their hand with a chosen number facing up and then slides it out of their hand onto the table. 

Of course, it doesn’t always work, but the more experienced gambler can increase the chances of winning. While they haven’t released the details of Kang’s case, the casino can decide to file criminal charges against him. We don’t know how much money Kang won or whether he had partners, but according to the news at online casino sites in India, he can expect a sentence of 1-5 years in prison and a fine of almost $ 10,000 during the sentencing in August.

impossible gambling stories you'll never believe
Picture Source: Pexels

There was a similar case in 2011 when Wynn Las Vegas sued Leonardo Fernandez and Veronica Dabul. The facility demanded back the $700,000 the couple illegally won by using the sliding technique for weeks. Allegedly, the fraud involved their friends who distracted the dealers while the dice were rolling or, in this case, sliding. However, the couple fled back to Argentina, so any accusations were fruitless. 

Friday the 13th

There are numerous superstitions around this date, but this time it really worked! Nora Davila from Texas became a dollar millionaire early in the morning on Friday the 13th, in 2021. She won the $1,021,166 jackpot of the IGT Wheel of Fortuna Double 3X4X5X Pay game with a $2 spin. She was the second jackpot winner that day, so if you also want to give it a try, you can do it at Everygame Casino.

However, Friday the 13th didn’t only bring luck to the casinos last year. On the same day, a few lucky people won the two most popular European lotteries, the EuroMillions and the EuroJackpot. Two players had to share the €90 million jackpot, so they halved the amount, but it was still a dream prize. The other player was the luckiest because he won the jackpot alone, €110 million!

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Jackpot for Christmas

Before Christmas, a lady won the $1,24 million jackpot at Seminole Hard Rock Casino. The lady said she wished for the jackpot as a Christmas present but couldn’t believe it came true. She played on the Dragon Link slot, and to celebrate her success, the casino offered a $100 free bonus game to all players who inserted their loyalty cards into one of the machines within 15 minutes!

Her winning pales in comparison to the jackpot that a lucky player won at the same time of the year a couple of years ago. The player at the Suncoast Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas won $15,5 million after a spin, thanks to IGT’s Megabucks game. By the way, the biggest prize ever in Nevada was won by a 25-year-old player in 2003, when he won $39,7 million in Excalibur, another Megabucks slot machine. These were the most impossible gambling stories you’ll never believe!

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