Impossible is Nothing: The Best Jackpot Wins at BGO Casino

BGO Casino Jackpot Prizes

The best jackpot wins at online casinos are the ones that you would never believe were posible.

And that’s exactly the type of jackpot prize that has been given away a while ago. You always need huge amounts of luck (and skills too, of course!) to hit the jackpot at any of the best online casinos in the UK. The BGO Casino player with the username “Sandem”, who got really lucky at the gambling site…

She was playing the Good Friday slot in hopes of gaining some extra money. Not even she could have hoped for what she actually won: Sandem hit the jackpot of the game and won GBP 1,13 million. Of course she didn’t stop playing the game, who would? She continued playing Good Friday only to hit the jackpot again: 3,5 weeks later she won another GBP 627,000, adding up to over GBP 1,7 million cash reward from BGO.

What are the odds for winning the jackpot twice?

Winning the jackpot of an online casino slot is hard enough. Winning the jackpot twice in a row is basically impossible. The odds for this to happen is 625 million to won, and the lucky woman just beat all odds and expectations and made the impossible possible. However, she’s not the only one to do that: remember that UK couple that won the lottery TWICE?

Would you be interested in finding out what would be more likely to happen than for a woman to hit the jackpot twice at the same online casino sites, playing the same slot? Well, check out our odds calculations about things that are more likely than a perfect March Madness bracket, which is still a little bit harder than what Sandem did!

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