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Posted: December 29, 2023

Updated: December 29, 2023

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Today we have made our incoming bet review, just as we promised in the announcement of this feature! It’s been a few months since 20BET has released incoming bets, and we believe it was a total hit! We are here to discuss the upcoming concerns and to explain the general idea behind this new type of sports betting. Join us, as we will guide you through the whole process!

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As we promised, we have delivered our first incoming bets review, after a month of using this new feature. Truly, an innovative step in the world of online sportsbook sites in the UK. Because the time when we even have to worry about our betting choices is over! Responsible gambling is still heavily advised because it’s still a game of chance.

However, instead of betting on something we believe in, we can also decide to just wager on what another player has wagered. We can trust them based on their winning streaks! Nonetheless, this review is going to tell the ups, and the downs, and discuss the concerns of the community. We generally appreciate the existence of this feature, and it’s easier to also debate bets.

Introduction To Our Incoming Bets Review

Today we are going to talk about some of the most interesting features in the sports betting community. This is essentially the new betting feature at 20BET, called Incoming bets. In this section, you are going to see a selection of pre-determined bets, including the calculated value of the winnings if the bet wins. However, instead of making our bets, we are following another player.

We will be able to see the betting series of the player who shared this calculation. His betting streak can go up to 5, and it shows both wins and losses. This is the time when we can decide whether we wish to believe a very lucky sportsbook bettor, or if we think that the law of numbers will help another gambler out. In conclusion, you no longer need to think, if you have a registration at 20BET Sportsbook.

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What’s The Point Of Incoming Bets?

The incoming bets review is generally positive. Now that we have talked about the general concept. Let us explain why this is good. According to Reddit, the community is often skeptical about these new features. The first thought that comes up is that a winning bettor must win the next bet better than I do. However, this is often not the truth. There is no consistent betting system that can guarantee a profit. Thus, these professional-looking players can make bad decisions too.

Keep in mind that this concept was not for you to make consistent cash. Rather, this is a function that filters out the time for research and searching the collection. You just visit the site, check the players, think about the decision, and if you agree, you make it. In the meantime, you can learn about the top winter sports betting guide.

20Bet Sportsbook Welcome Bonus

100% up to €100

18+. New players only. 100% first deposit bonus. Max bonus: €100. Minimum deposit: €10. Minimum odds: 1.50 (1/2) on single bets & 1.70 (7/10) on accumulators. Wagering requirement: 5×. Valid for 14 days. Full T&Cs

How Safe Is This? – Incoming Bets Review

The first concern that comes up with these ideas is the validity, and the safety. See, we can see how some experts take random visits to casinos to find out whether they tweak the game or not. But what about incoming bets? Can’t the company just post a bad bet for a high price, using a false profile? Well, this is where you kind of have to gamble with your trust as well. We can’t promise it but at the same time?

20BET Sportsbook wouldn’t tarnish their reputation by pulling a cheap prank. According to Trustpilot, most of the users are satisfied with the site. Of course, there are a few people calling scams and banking issues, but those are generally responded to by the site, offering a customer service support talk.

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The Signs Of Professional Punters

Now that we understand the true essence of this incoming bet review, it’s time to talk about the general betting possibilities. There are different ways in which you can determine who is worthy of your trust when it comes to picking an incoming bet. According to the Punter To Pro, the key thing to start transferring from a random-picker to a professional, is by focusing on the odds. Ignore the prop, and first determine what has the potential to bring a valuable amount of cash based on the money risk you deposit.

Once you are sure it is valuable, just then start to think about the general possibilities. For example, if a team who lives in Florida has to suddenly travel to a much colder environment, then you can expect them to perform less than usual. Thus, we can make valuable specific bets.

20Bet Sportsbook Welcome Bonus

100% up to €100

18+. New players only. 100% first deposit bonus. Max bonus: €100. Minimum deposit: €10. Minimum odds: 1.50 (1/2) on single bets & 1.70 (7/10) on accumulators. Wagering requirement: 5×. Valid for 14 days. Full T&Cs

General Incoming Bets Review

Now that we have made our small review, let us conclude this feature. We have tried it, and we won some and lost some. It feels pretty much like either playing roulette or just debating whether the opinion we can side with will be a good investment or not.

But definitely, this feature is one of the first pieces of future sports betting markets that can change the face of gambling as we know it. But for now, we believe that new functions will come as an addition on top of the traditional bets. Incoming bets are a perfect way to start thinking with a different mindset, and to get used to the type of odds you wish to wager on. However, we still recommend you avoid cash bets you can not afford to make.

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Where To Try

Today we have some of the most interesting odds in the collection of flexible online sportsbooks. However, our incoming bets review ends here, on a positive note. Keep in mind that you can try it yourself, but we recommend you be clever when you are picking your first few bets. Do not go to too high risks, and first do a baby-step bet. However, if you want to take matters into your own hands, then all you have to do is register at 20BET Sportsbook.

Because this is their feature, and it’s their site operating the function. Their website also offers a casino section, traditional sports betting, horse betting, live betting, and of course, live casino games as well! On top of all this, they also accept esports bets, and have a whole section full of promotions and offers for you to claim!

Click here to try the best odds at 20bet Sportsbook!

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