Incredible gambling stories that are hard to believe!

Incredible gambling stories

We all love films and series with an unexpected turn of events. And the amusement is doubled when we know that they are based on true stories. So many of these stories we took from people’s gambling experience whether online or land-based. 

In general, the essence of gambling is already considering surprises. These surprises can sometimes be overwhelming to the point that when you hear about them you start believing in magic. And the more gambling sites as Bovada Casino there are, the more surprises there are to happen. So, we have collected several crazy incredible gambling stories in human history for you to enjoy. And the most exciting part of them is that these are just stories of lucky people! However, these are not stories about cheating in, say, in poker; these stories show how lucky people can be sometimes!

At the edge of retirement

People usually put the greatest draws at online casinos at jackpot fruit machines. And this is where the veteran solider from Afghanistan made the dream of many gamblers across the world come true. Lance Corporal Jon Heywood deposited just £30 to play the game the advertisement of which he saw on television. He put the wagers of £0.25 for some minutes and won £13,213,838.68 jackpot. However, the discipline he learned from the times being in forces had its imprints. Jon decided to keep one of the most incredible gambling stories in history in secret and kept on going to work on the next day morning. That is how the date of October 6, 2015 changed the life of one random gambler.

Incredible gambling stories
Isn’t that incredible?

The great side of the story is that the game Jon chose – Mega Moolah, rewards in one lump sum.

Incredible gambling stories as movie plots

How many people you know who are willing to risk everything they have just for a bet? Ashley Revell who placed all bets on a roulette wheel on red certainly comes from the list of those people. He sold out everything he had, even clothing, to just come to Las Vegas and place all bets on red. This man had less than £80k which he doubled after victory.

It was such one of the most incredible gambling stories that the whole movie was devoted to it. It was named “Double or Nothing” which became the inspiration to many crazy gamblers across the world.

Patricia DeMauro

Does the name Patricia DeMauro give you any information? If no, then read carefully and enjoy one more story from the most incredible gambling stories list!

On the 23rd of May 2009 this glorious grandmother from New Jersey went to Borgata Hotel Casino to try her luck.

She only spent her time playing craps as most of the people usually do. However, this is not just a usual story. In about 18 minutes, Patricia managed to throw the dice 154 times and hit the 7. This is something that may happen in 1 case out of 1,56 trillion! She washed away the record digits of dice rolls which were 147 rolls made in 2005. The most impressive fact is that it only was her second craps play.

The amount of money eventually won that night is not evident. What is evident is that she created one of the most incredible gambling stories!

8-year-old online poker winner

The year 2010 was a year of radical change for an eight-year-old boy, Aashish Nanak from India. This is when he won half a million dollars when playing online poker.

The boy’s first acquittance with the computers was at the age of three that made him later a computer genius. Being a 4-year old child, Aashish already knew how to build webpages and at six, he discovered online poker. To play online poker, however, he used his uncle’s account. This story is hard to believe in even knowing many other incredible gambling stories.

However, the poker room denied giving the boy’s monetary award because of his age. But Aashish still could win some money from this same website using PayPal account opened by his uncle.

Incredible gambling stories
That’s hard to believe!
Engineer is a part of incredible gambling stories

In 1873, an engineer Joseph Jagger implemented his engineering knowledge trying to beat the Monte Carlo casino in a roulette game. We all know the imperfection nature of the man-made devices.

Joseph Jagger surely it as well and, therefore, applied this knowledge to roulette wheels. That’s how one of the most incredible gambling stories in the world happened. So, he was trying to find out the imperfect wheel in the table. Joseph was also trying to figure the frequency of the ball landing on the same area to compute the probability of it to gain the advantage.

In order to do this, he employed six people to observe and record the outcome of every roulette table. Eventually, he managed to find the wheel that had a bias and took the gaming house for more than $300,000 in just three days.

These stories served as an inspiration to many people – some made movies, and some went out to try their luck. You can also become one of these fortunate people by frequently checking online gambling sites in the United States and placing the right bets!

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