Indiana Regulates DFS

Indiana Regulates DFS daily fantasy sports US gambling laws DraftKings FanDuel

With a bill passed and signed by Governor Mike Pence, Indiana regulates DFS by the states gambling laws. NCAA baseball and college basketball can’t be a part of DFS contests in Indiana.

The daily fantasy sports bill was signed by Gov. Pence last week, so from now on the State of Indiana regulates DFS. A $50,000 registration fee was set for DFS operators in Indiana with a yearly $5,000 renewal fee. There is the possibility to raise this registration fee to $75,000 in the future, US gambling news report. This might favor DFS operators DraftKings and FanDuel, making it harder for competitors to join the industry.

Indiana regulates DFS as game of skill; NCAA contests excluded

The bill by which Indiana regulates DFS describes daily fantasy sports as games of skill, which might help other federal states to do so. It is important though that amateur sporting events can’t be subject of the real-money DFS contests in Indiana. This means that NCAA daily fantasy sports are considered as illegal gambling in Indiana by US gambling laws in the state.

There are also the regular elements of DFS regulations in the bill: minimum age of DSF sports in Indiana is 18; DFS employees and their close relatives are prohibited from participate; yearly third-party audit is mandatory for the operators.

Though the $50,000 registration fee might prevent smaller DFS outfits from obtaining a license in the state, it is no problem for big players like DraftKings and FanDuel.

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