Inter Miami’s Injuries – Messi Fans Left After His Substitute – 2023


Posted: September 22, 2023

Updated: September 22, 2023

  • Messi got injured during the Inter Miami vs. Toronto FC match
  • Jordi Alba left the field due to injury
  • Inter Miami's injuries

Inter Miami’s injuries have changed the plan for the team. Even if they utterly defeated Toronto FC. It seems that Lionel Messi needs more time to recover. And fans do not stay loyal without Messi. This means that the team is kind of forced to keep him and give him time to recover unless they want to lose a significant portion of their current value. But what about Jordi Alba? I believe they will keep him too, but he needs rest as well.

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Let us report about Inter Miami’s injuries today! – It’s been months since we first spoke about Lionel Messi’s retirement hints. Yet we already hear how he became the new world’s Hercules in the US. We celebrate and cry together with the soccer legend who first-handily makes the sport ten times more popular in the whole continent. However, this also has started ideas, for example; the NFL is coming to Europe! If you are an avid fan of the United States soccer scene. 

Then all you have to do is to register at the online sportsbook sites in the US. Because there are countless upcoming matches, and you can still expect Lionel Messi to represent Inter Miami on the field. However, he got a little injured. And we are going to talk about it!

Inter Miami’s Injuries For Messi

Sometimes you need to sacrifice for greatness. This slogan is especially true for the most recent star player for Inter Miami. Lionel Messi arrived on the scene, and the relatively underground soccer club became a mega sensation. While they are still not the best, at the same time they are now among the most marketed teams. Furthermore, there is great potential for them to reach the top of the league this year. However, it seems their latest victory came with a smaller price in blood.

According to Goal, he just returned to the scene after an injury against Ecuador. However, he was already leaving after 37 minutes of the game, even though his team had won. His injuries could derail his mission this season because it seems that he is eager to return, but his body is not agreeing. – Register at Bovada Sportsbook to bet on the team!

The Reaction Of Fans

Only one person matters for the fans when it comes to Inter Miami’s injuries. – It seems that humans are living in an exceptionally interesting era. Because we have seen the whole thing. At first, Messi decided to leave at 39 minutes of the game due to potential injury. He handed the captain’s armband to his teammate and wished luck to the substitute player. However, merely a few minutes after his leaving, something unexpected happened.

According to Give Me Sport, Inter Miami fans, dressed in all pink, have decided to stand up and leave the stadium. It seems that they are not Inter Miami fans, but rather Lionel Messi fans. And honestly? I can not blame them. Would you stay for a metal concert if Slipknot and Disturbed left, and only Hollywood Undead remained?

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Inter Miami’s Injuries For Jordi Alba

According to The Guardian, Jordi Alba, an almost equally celebrated addition to Inter Miami has left as well. He left in the 34th minute, shortly before Messi’s retirement. The coach of the team, ‘Tata’ did not offer any significant information of value, other than that they were going to evaluate both players over the next few days. However, we do not know any exact details on either of the injuries. It feels like Messi’s injury is about not healing enough.

While Alba might enter a new set of injuries, and this isn’t the first. Is the upcoming Inter Miami season doomed? Maybe. But it is sure that if they keep returning way too early, then they will have a long-lasting injury. Perhaps both of the players need a whole month off.

How Did The Match Go?

Despite Inter Miami’s injuries, the match went exceptionally well. I wouldn’t say that the whole future of the team is doomed. They are not going to be in first place without the two-star players. But in reality? They can still very much stand their ground. Messi has shared his wisdom with the team, and they are all talented individuals. But to prove my words other than overly fanning over Messi.

Let me highlight that the match ended up being 4-0 over Toronto FC. This means that they managed to defeat the best players in Toronto, without two of the best players on the team! Of course, they will still be at a disadvantage against other US teams. But in reality? They can give these guys at least two months to recover without falling.

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Summary Of The Inter Miami’s Injuries

To give you a summary, during the last match against Toronto FC, two of the most celebrated players of Inter Miami left the field. First, it was Jordi Alba who left in the 34th minute. And shortly after, Lionel Messi decided to pass the Captain band to another player in the 37th minute.

The fans decided to leave immediately, despite being dressed up in the colors of the team. But who can blame them? Inter Miami with Lionel Messi became a phenomenon, and fans did not arrive to see the rest of the players. If fans are honest, barely a few players know all the players on the team. Everyone is busy realizing that Messi is now a US athlete. 

Where To Bet On Inter Miami?

Let’s learn where to bet on Inter Miami’s injuries and of course their losses and victories. With the two players out, we can expect a massive opportunity to rise on the sportsbooks. Are there teams they can still defeat? The bookies will not agree, and you can take advantage of their high odds.

At the same time, when the opponent has low odds, maybe teams could take advantage of the missing players. Both times you can profit. Learn to recognize the EV bets by analyzing all of the teams. Follow our soccer betting news today, and of course, pick your proper site. – Register at Bovada Sportsbook to find the best odds!

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