Is Bangladesh The Best Bet On Cricket This Week?

Bangladesh The Best Bet On Cricket

If you like to bet on cricket then you’ll know the ICC Champions Trophy is winding up for a big finish but as we go into the semi-finals the presence of Bangladesh speaks volumes as to how unpredictable international one day games can be and just how much the weather can effect the wagers you make at Bet365.

India vs Bangladesh

• India – 1/5
• Bangladesh – 7/2

For a lot of people that like to bet on Cricket the absence of the Windies from the ICC Champions Trophy was a little disconcerting, their failure to reach the qualifying ranking in time leaving the way open for Bangladesh to travel to Edgbaston instead, and not everyone was impressed. The bookies like Bet365 gave them a scant 50/1 to win the trophy and indeed there was a fair bit of dismissive talk in the press about their chances. Then the tournament got under way and Bangladesh caught a break.

The two group format meant that Bangladesh lined up with England, Australia and New Zealand, all of whom should easily beat them, as anyone who likes to bet on sports in UK would tell you, and in their first game that’s what England did, winning by a clear eight wickets. However the great British weather then gave New Zealand and Australia a no result game due to rain, and suddenly Bangladesh weren’t looking all that bad a bet on cricket this summer, especially when the rain saved their next match.

Does Bangladesh Have The Weather To Thank?

Australia should have wiped the floor with them, but the rain saved Bangladesh and the match got another no result, and then just when it looked like the weather would merely prolong the agony, they whipped New Zealand by five wickets and suddenly were sat second in the group behind England ahead of both the antipodean teams. This lines them up for a semi-final against India, the tournament favorites, and if you like to bet on cricket this could well be the best match of the summer season.

India have played a bit of a blinder this tournament, although they did seem to come apart against Sri Lanka who managed to keep getting runs despite the frantic and furious efforts of the Indian attack, however they are expected to comfortably beat Bangladesh and if you’re going to take advantage of UK gambling laws to bet on cricket this week the bookies like Bet365 will give you a spikey 1/5 on India winning with Bangladesh a somewhat distant 7/2. Maybe the weather will save them again, eh?

Bet365 Has All The ICC Champions Trophy Odds

This immediate danger of getting completely flattened by India means that when it comes down to chances of winning the trophy Bangladesh still languish at 18/1 on Bet365, although with their luck so far I’d not squander the chance of such a tempting bet on cricket. Pakistan and England will have to sort themselves out before we’ll get a clear picture of the final, but England get 5/4 on winning the whole shebang at present whilst India get a far less profitable 6/5. Who’ll actually win? Who can say?

ICC Champions Trophy

• India – 6/5
• England – 5/4
• Pakistan – 6/1
• Bangladesh – 18/1

Bangladesh might have arrived without much hope, and yes perhaps they have had the weather to thank for their progress thus far, but that doesn’t mean their defeat of New Zealand wasn’t well deserved nor that they can’t surprise India in their semi-final, they might not seem the best bet on cricket but they’re the luckiest so far and anyone in the UK gambling news of their reaching the final would surprise the commentators in Birmingham is probably not paying attention, even if Bet365 still gives them no chance.

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