Israel Launches Online and Mobile Sports Betting System

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UK sports betting software provider, LVS, and French lottery solutions specialist Lotsys launches a new online sports betting system in Israel.

The Israeli gambling laws might be rather complicated, since they are highly regulated and not all forms of gambling, like casino gambling, are not legalized, but sports betting is completely legal.
The Israel Sports Betting Board (ISBB) holds the exclusive rights to all sports betting in the country, and has jumped on board the online betting bandwagon, with a little help from it’s British and French partners.

LVS and Lotsys won a tender to supply their Advanced Betting and Lottery Platform (ABP) technology to ISBB to help launch an online sportsbook in Israel, along with a mobile betting site as well.

Israel launches online and mobile sports betting system in collaboration with software provider LVS and lottery solutions specialist Lotsys

The new site is already in place, and customers can now access the online betting service via
The motivation behind the move lay in ISBB’s strategy to upgrade their services, so that they can provide a broader range of markets and sports to their clients.
“This solution provides the foundation to sustain ISBB’s growth for the next decade,” said ISBB’s chairman Zach Fishbein.

Managing director of LVS Pascal Blyau said that: “While ABP was initially designed for online betting operators, this kind of project allows us to extend ABP into a much more global and multi-channel solution purpose-fitted for sports betting and lottery operators.”

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