Japanese Parliament to Commence Discussions on Gambling Bill Imminently

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With numerous benefits associated with casinos and 2020 Olympics approaching, Japan is looking at ways to legalize gambling activities.

Japanese gambling laws do not permit casino operations, but that is about to change. Reports have surfaced indicating that Japanese government is ready to start talks on the casino bill as early as next week. However, voting on the actual bill may be put off until autumn which is seen as a strategic move to prevent the opposition from stopping its progress.

Takeshi Iwaya, a member of the leading Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), state that he was able to secure important support for the bill from a coalition partner and the main opposition party. Iyawa is an avid casino supporter who would achieve a dream if the bill is passed.

Prime Minister a great supporter of the bill

The prospect of opening up casinos in the Japanese market also heavily appeals to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. He expressed his support for the new bill, as he believes that they hold a significant key in revitalizing the economy.

At a meeting of executives, The Prime Minister stated that talks will start next week at the lower house committee. “We are getting close to the starting debate. It is best to strike while the iron is hot.”

Gambling news highlights that despite getting considerable support for the bill the Prime Minister remains skeptical about the prospects for implementing the bill on time. The current parliament session ends on June 22.

Transferring the bill to the lower house would ensure that is remains a viable option for its supporters, allowing officials to keep track of from there.

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