Former Employee Suing Old Boss Okada over Alleged Bribes to Complete Casino

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Owner of gaming enterprise Kazuo Okada is being sued by ex-employee for making numerous bribes to finish construction on Philippines casino.

Universal Entertainment’s former worker submitted a criminal procedure against the founder of the company, Kazuo Okada. Gambling news states that Takafumi Nakano filed the complaint to the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor’s Office, alleging that his former boss bribed certain individuals to rapidly complete a casino in the Philippines.

There have been previous legal cases involving Okada, which involves investigation from several international agencies. Okada and three former employees have been involved in an ongoing legal dispute over $40 million in payments made in 2010. The US FBI, Nevada Gaming Commission and the Philippine government are all involved in the case.

Serious consequences for Okada if found guilty

If the evidence turns out to support the complaint, then Okada could face serious repercussions for breaking the anti-bribery laws. Nevada could potentially withdraw some of the licenses that Okada’s businesses hold in the state, if found guilty of breaking US gambling laws.

Universal Entertainment and Okada believe that they are innocent of any wrongdoing, as they fought back against the three respective workers. The owner and the enterprise filed a lawsuit against the three former employees, stating that they acted without proper authorization. The three men claimed the contrary saying they acted at the behest of Okada’s orders.

Neither Okada nor Universal decided to comment on the matter, as they might risk exposing themselves to media scrutiny.

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