Japan’s Casino Plans Shook Up by Olympic Construction Demands

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With both the 2020 Olympics and plans to build a casino resort to open at the same time, Japan is struggling to meet the demands.

The two projects are due to be completed by 2020, and they are as ambitious as they look, since the country is suffering a shortage of construction workers to undertake the proposed developments.

It looks like Japan isset to get its very first casino, and plans to capture the crowds coming to the country during the Olympic Games that year.

However, despite the excitement over Japan’s plans, it looks like the country is unlikely to meet its goal, especially since Japanese gambling laws are looking likely to change, thanks to a bill liberalizing the casino business, which could be at risk.

Japan struggles to meet casino resort and Olympic game construction demands

Due to the issues surrounding the development of the casino, it looks like Japan might be considering developing the resort outside of the big city, focusing on a regional market instead.

However, this has left those in support of the first casino nervous that the chance to launch the casino bill will slip by. Politician Sakihito Ozawa fears that the bill only had a “fifty-fifty” chance of passing in the current session of parliament.

The delay in the bill is a big issue in gambling news, since it could make or break the industry and the economy. If the legislation is passed, there are those who believe Japan could become the third largest gambling destination.

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