Joey Barton Betting Scandal – What Could Happen to Him?

Joey Barton FIFA Ban Betting

Illogical FIFA rules strike again upon Joey Barton betting scandal, but does it make any sense fining footballers for betting on football?

Unfortunate FIFA restrictions are once again in the center of attention at online betting news in the UK upon the latest Joey Barton betting scandal. The Rangers midfielder has placed bets on 44 matches within a 2-month period. He has been charged and now is given a week to respond to the charges.

Barton didn’t bet on or against his own team. That would obviously be illegal and would suggest cheating on purpose. He placed a bet, for example, against city rival Celtic to lose by at least 3 goals to Barcelona. They lost 7-0, making Joey Barton a bit richer than he already is.

The player might be banned from professional football for a few games as FIFA’s punishment. However, it’s also possible that he will only be fined for a few thousand Euros. Being fined is not an unusual thing for him, to be honest. He’s just about to return to the club’s trainings after a 3-week ban due to his fight with Rangers manager Mark Warburton.

FIFA rules make no sense at all

Due to FIFA restrictions, online gambling laws in the UK and all over the world make it illegal for professional football players, coaches, club officials and referees to bet on football. Would it be logical to ban football players to bet against their own teams? Of course. Allowing that would make gambling frauds incredibly easy and probably even popular. We don’t want that.

Does it make sense to disallow them from betting on their own leagues? Maybe, since they could convince people they know, but still: if it’s not about their own clubs, it makes less sense. But really, does it make any sense at all to ban football experts from betting on football? Really, is that the way how this gambling law should be like? Is it just? When I’m good at something, I shall be rewarded, not fined.

Imagine having a professional poker player as a friend. Imagine inviting close friends to your house to a fun night of poker. Imagine playing poker together with all your friends. Except the professional one. Imagine telling him how he is not allowed to play because he plays enough as his profession. Does this seem like a just scenario? Does this seem like a proper reply? Does this make any sense? I’ll leave the answer up to the dear reader and keep my obvious opinion to…everybody.

Joey Barton is not the only one

Joey Barton is not the only football player who ever enjoyed the services provided by online sportsbooks. This very same year, it was Martin Demichelís who placed bets on football events. None of those were on his own teams though, so the Argentine central defender got away with a fine. Which is fine for a millionaire like him.

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