Is it Possible for Usain Bolt to Join Man United?


Posted: October 10, 2016

Updated: October 10, 2016

Of course the professional runner won’t change his sport and convert into a professional football player, but it’s fun to think about the possibility of Usain Bolt joining Manchester United.

Usain Bolt to join Man United…well, maybe as soon as the Manchester based club is ready to establish a new team for runners, but it’s sure as hell that the Jamaican runner won’t become a professional football player. And he definitely won’t join the Red Devils despite the fact that he wishes so badly.

The origins of the Man United transfer rumours

It became a huge sensation that Usain Bolt gave an interview to an online betting news site in the UK, in which he admitted he was a Manchester United fan. The world-class sprinter’s reasons for his love towards the Red Devils was quite simple: he fell in love with the playing style and statistics of Ruud van Nistelrooy.

”It could have been any club. It could have been Sunderland”

His decision had nothing to do with the club’s fame or history. Not even their successes in the past. He just saw a guy who played well and scored tons of goals. He decided he liked him. So he will support the Dutch striker wherever he went. Luckily he was playing for quite a successful club and was not a Sunderland player, with all due respect.

Bolt is still “just” a sprinter…

He was quite optimistic before the Olympic Games in Rio this year. Back in June, when Bolt was asked where he sees himself in the future, he said he is waiting for Manchester United to offer him a contract. He added he knew that he is whom the Red Devils need and that they are only willing to sign him after the Olympics are over. It’s over now but the Jamaican is still a sprinter and not a footballer.

Bolt would accept a contract offer from Real Madrid as well

The fastest man on Earth would be quite a popular deal among football clubs. Teams that build on fast attack could use his ability pretty well, despite the probable fact that he is not as good with the ball as his mates would be in Manchester or in Madrid. However, his incredible quickness might earn us some points while playing daily fantasy sports online

In fact, Usain Bolt is admittedly a fan of Manchester United as well as Real Madrid. Why he likes Galacticos? The reason is pretty simple to his admiration towards the English club: because of one of the players. To be more precise, it’s because of Cristiano Ronaldo, who has a good relationship with the Jamaican Olympic champion. Bolt even visited Real Madrid’s stadium, Estadio Santiago Bernabéu, back in 2009. Maybe it was his trial and he failed?

Even if that was the case, Manchester United would still be a good step for him to develop his skills as a football player. Who knows, maybe in the next few years, online sportsbooks will offer the best odds for him to win the Golden Ball…or, you know…maybe not.

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