John Daly Doesn’t Regret $55 Million in Gambling Losses

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John Daly is famous for his excessive lifestyle. While he may regret all of the drinking and sex, he remembers the gambling quite fondly.

Professional golfer John Daly’s various addictions have earned him more celebrity than his golf game ever did. From booze to sex to gambling, he’s taken everything to excessive levels. He recently discussed his gambling addiction during a candid interview with Graham Bensinger.

Daly has always been commended for his honesty, and that was in no short supply during the interview. When asked about $55 million in gambling losses, he said the following: “I should say I regret it. But I did it, I move on from it, I had a lot of fun doing it.”

Daly’s legendary losses

Daly’s exploits in American poker rooms and casinos is the stuff of legend, as he allegedly played 7 hands of blackjack at once and put $5,000 in a slot machine at the Wynn in Las Vegas. He would sometimes spend up to 2 days inside a casino without seeing the light of day.

While Daly made gambling news when he claimed he had lost $55 million over more than a decade, numerous public figures have called the figure a gross exaggeration intended as a publicity stunt.

Whether or not the number is realistic, Daly’s gambling career is truly shocking, and he is one of the most fascinating figures in sports.

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