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FIFA Personal Awards Betting

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If you want to bet on football specials, BetVictor might just be the right place for you! Puskás Award betting is one of the most popular market at this time because many football fans would like to bet on goal of the season. Let’s see the best odds for FIFA betting and let’s some some chances. Which awesome scorer should you bet on and what other opportunities you have to bet on football at online sportsbooks, like BetVictor?

Bet on goal of the season!

Puskás Award has been established in 2008 and the award is given to the player who scre the goal of the season. The first prize was given to Cristiano Ronaldo but the likes of Neymar, James and Ibrahimovic were also given the prestigious prize before. This year, three not very well known players are fighting for the title, 1 woman facing 2 men actually.

The three candidates are Mohd Faiz Subri, Marlone and Daniuska Rodriguez. The first one scored an incredible free kick goal for his team Panang in the Malaysian League against Pulau Pinang. Marlone plays in the Brazliaian League for Corinthians and he scored an amazing bicycle kick against Cobresal, while Daniuska Rodriguez played for his national team against Colombia. Her goal was quite impressive as well, but enough of the words, let’s see the goals:

Would you like to bet on goal of the season? You better check out the chances of Puskás Award winners and place your bets at BetVictor! The odds to win Puskás Award predict a victory for Mohd Faiz Subri. His odds are 2.10 (11/10) while the second favourite is Marlone with 2.75 (7/4) odds. Daniuska Rodriguez is the least likely candidate according to EU betting news as her odds are 3.75 (11/4) az BetVictor.

Bet on Griezmann to win FIFA Player of the Year Award!

Together with the Puskás Award, the prestigious FIFA Player of the Year Award is also going to be given away on the 9th of January. The best 23 players of 2016 have already even announced and the list contains the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Antoine Griezmann, Lionel Messi, Sergio Ramos, Luka Modric and Manuel Neuer, among others.

Now the greatest favourite might be Real Madrid’s Portuguese crack as Cristiano Ronaldo has had a fantastic year: he won the Champions League, the Euro 2016, the FIFA Club World Cup as well as the European Supercup in the beginning of the season. He was key figure in all those victories, however, he was already given the Ballon d’Or for these achievements.

Now FIFA might think it’s time the Player of the Year award to someone else. Someone else who had just as amazing of a season but was a but less lucky. That special someone could be Atletico Madrid’s French striker, Antoine Griezmann. He also made it to the Champions League as well as the Euro 2016 Final. Unfortunately for him, he was on the losers’ side on both occasions, but he is the last to take the blame. FIFA might acknowledge his season with a personal award and name him the Player of the Year. We’ll see on the 9th of January. Online sportsbook in the EU firmly believe that CR7 and Griezmann are the main candidates.

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