Top 3 Teams Favored to Win the Super Bowl

teams favored to win the Super Bowl

We’re entering into the last week of the normal NFL season, so here are the top 3 teams favored to win the Super Bowl according to Bet365.

It’s been an incredible season in the NFL. After 17 weeks, we’re beginning to see some teams that look like potential Super Bowl champions. Let’s take a look at who’s favored to win it all this year.

New England Patriots: 9/5

The New England Patriots simply can’t be stopped. They have once again emerged as one of the best teams in the NFL this season by racking up a 13-2 record, and 7-0 on the road. As usual, Tom Brady has been a star player for the team, and also became the most successful QB in the sport by beating Peyton Mannings’ record.

Teams favored to win the Super Bowl

  • New England Patriots: 9/5
  • Dallas Cowboys: 7/2
  • Seattle Seahawks: 8/1

If the Patriots can get past the Dolphins this weekend, they will undoubtedly be the leading the teams favored to win the Super Bowl. Nearly all online sportsbooks in the UK predict they will do that, but upsets are always possible in the NFL.

One of the biggest talking points heading into the game against the Dolphins is whether or not Adam Kaufman and Joe Haggerty should rest Tom Brady and other key players like Julian Edelman. No official decision has been made yet, but it would seem wise not to risk an injury to your star players before the playoffs even begin.

The Patriots’ odds to win the Super Bowl are currently set at 9/5. Most analysts predict they will win Super Bowl LI. If you agree, head to Bet365 and place your bet!

Dallas Cowboys: 7/2

If indeed the Patriots are the NFL favorites to win the Super Bowl, the Dallas Cowboys are not far behind. They currently sport an identical record of 13-2, with their only losses coming against the New York Giants.

In reality, the Cowboys can just coast now until the playoffs officially begin. They too will need to decide whether or not to bench their key players like Ezekiel Elliot and Dak Prescott. This could be a great time for Tony Romo to get some exposure, and allow Prescott to get ready for the big games ahead.

Cowboys QB

The Cowboys will need to decide whether or not to bench Dak Prescott against the Eagles (photo:

As we said before, the Cowboys have only lost to one team this whole season, which puts them at the top of the teams favored to win the Super Bowl. It remains to be seen how they will fare against teams like the Patriots and Raiders, but as of now their chances look good.

If you want to bet on the Cowboys winning the Super Bowl, head to Bet365. Their odds to win the big game are currently set at 7/2.

Seattle Seahawks: 8/1

The franchise that everyone loves to hate is back again and sitting as one of the teams favored to win the Super Bowl. Despite a relatively lackluster record of 9-5, the Seahawks are at the top of most analysts picks.

Why is this? Simply put, the Seahawks know how to win when the pressure’s on. Under the tutelage of Pete Carroll, Seattle has managed to make it to 2 Super Bowls, winning one of them. Russell Wilson and Richard Sherman are likely the two most important players on the team, but Earl Thomas and Jimmy Graham have also been instrumental in their wins.

Despite moments of brilliance this season over teams like the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots, the Seahawks have failed to gain any real momentum. They have lost two of their past three games, and will need to make some changes in the post-season if they hope to make UK gambling news and win the Super Bowl.

It’s actually quite likely we will see a rematch of the 2015 Super Bowl between New England and Seattle here. The Seahawks lost that game 24-28, but have already won the first game between the two this year.

Do you agree with our list of teams favored to win the Super Bowl? Will it be an NFL betting underdog that pulls off the win this year? Tell us what you think by leaving a comment below, and make sure to check out Bet365 to find a full list of weekly NFL betting odds and NFL Wild Card predictions!

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