Kearney Councilman and Daughter Cited for Misdemeanor Gambling

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A Kearney city councilman and his daughter were caught placing illegal bets on the state basketball tournament.

Randy Buschkoetter took several wagers with the help of his 21 year-old daughter, Danielle, who provided him with information on several games which took place on Friday, at Pinnacle Bank. After an off-duty officer saw the Kearney City councilman placing bets, police thought they had to intervene.

Both father and daughter were accused of breaking American gambling laws and cited for misdemeanor gambling. The two will appear in front of the Lancaster County Court in April.

Buschkoetter has been a member of the Kearney City Council since 1998. His mandate expires in December.

In the wrong place, at the wrong time

According to local gambling news, the councilman admitted that he has made some mistakes and was prepared to face the consequences. However, he wanted to protect his daughter and claimed she was merely “in the wrong place, at the wrong time.”

“I would hate to have her suffer consequences because of poor decisions made by her father,” Buschkoetter told reporters.

“I’m willing to face whatever consequences there are, because I will deserve them, because I made some bad decisions for which I am deeply apologetic,” he added.

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