Kelce And Swift Singing In Vegas – How To Bet On Their Love?


Posted: February 26, 2024

Updated: February 26, 2024

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We have heard Kelce and Swift singing in Vegas in a way. While Taylor’s voice was played by a DJ, you shouldn’t worry! After the party, Kelce decided to hurry to the airport and fly straight to Sidney to spend time with his girlfriend. We are here to discuss the betting opportunities on one of the biggest celebrity couples in this century.

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What could a gambler ask for more than seeing Kelce and Swift singing in Vegas? No, Kelce did not hit his head during a touchdown. Rather, it was love that hit him in the head, perhaps for the better. But why is this important for us, gamblers? Well, we are going to explain everything you need to know about the star couple. They are everywhere on the news, and of course, the bookies allow betting on the private lives of celebrities.

Every single update could mean a winning bet for you! This is why we recommend you browse the collection of online sportsbook sites in the US. These operators are always going to open up betting opportunities for you. And why wouldn’t we bet on the best couple ever? Especially if we have a potential profit involved with our bet. After all, we already know their plans for the engagement.

The Famous Couple – Kelce And Swift Singing In Vegas

It’s been almost one year since we heard about the rumors about Taylor Swift dating Travis Kelce. The most famous singer on our planet is having a serious romance with everyone’s favorite NFL player. Is this perhaps the end of the chapter where Swift wrote sad love songs? The Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce odds are filling up most of the unique sports betting sites. We can bet on their engagement, marriage, first baby, and so much more!

Of course, on top of this, we can also bet on the individual career choices when it comes to the two. According to the Instyle, the latest news about the couple was them singing together. It was a wholesome moment when we were able to see Kelce in his Hawaiian shirt, enjoying a great song as if he were 17 in a disco again. Register at Bovada Sportsbook to bet on the dream couple!

Travis Kelce in Las Vegas

Super Bowl And Eras Tour

While Kelce and Swift singing in Vegas was a beautiful moment, we have to understand one factor in their lives: They are a superstar couple. Kelce is going to be extremely busy with his NFL games, while Taylor Swift is going to go on her era tour. So far, their relationship was exemplary, where Swift showed up to Travis’s games, and Travis rocked the songs in Taylor’s stadium. It seems they both support each other and give proof of interest.

However, the potential misalignment in schedule puts their relationship at stake. We can discuss so many things with uncertainty. Thus, we can also make betting lines. Will Travis Kelce retire after the next Super Bowl? Would that be enough to keep their relationship alive after a few years?

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Kelce And Swift Singing In Vegas

According to the Business Insider, Travis Kelce was spotted dancing to Taylor Swift’s “Love Story” in Las Vegas. The tight end of the Chiefs was partying with his teammates, looking less like a celebrity, and more like a charming civil man having the time of his life.

Right after rocking the club, Kelce traveled to Sydney to visit Swift, who was at the time playing on her Eras tour. The song by Swift was played by Marshmellow. It seems that Taylor’s lover is still full of energy, and he is ready to sing to show the world that he indeed, loves his significant other’s music. Which is pretty adorable, considering that the song made him travel to Sydney just to visit her. Soon, we expect to see the day when the two are going to enter the stage together for a grand performance. However, for now, they are perfectly fine with keeping their careers separate, supporting each other from the viewer’s stand.

Kelce and Taylor eating chikcen fingers

They Ate Chicken Fingers Together!

Okay, so Kelce and Swift singing in Vegas is still yet to happen live. However, we did hear the voices together! And of course, they are not hiding from publicity either. At the beginning of their relationship, they did not make a huge noise… The fans did it for them instead. As a result, they are enjoying their time together. According to People, we have even seen the couple eating chicken fingers together in Las Vegas! They decided to have a little celebration after winning the Super Bowl.

We have seen several pictures of the two throughout that night, and the champion himself did not run away from the camera. We saw him holding a bottle of Armand de Brignac Ace of Spades Brut Gold champagne. If you are unfamiliar with champagne, every single bottle is different, and this is why it costs a fortune! Chicken fingers and expensive champagne, this is the taste of victory!

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Their Future – Kelce And Swift Singing In Vegas

Now that we know everything about the two, let’s appreciate the fact that we can bet on the two. And yes, it seems that their relationship is going to last for a few years. And even if the work is standing between the two, they could afford to retire. While Swift will most definitely continue her career, Kelce has already hinted at retirement.

Perhaps, it is going to be after winning or losing the next Super Bowl. And of course, he can continue his business such as his podcast, which is by the way nominated as the best sports podcast at the iHeart Podcast Awards. – For us bettors, there is no stop to the betting lines, and even if they’d break up, we could bet on a reunion or perhaps the potential next dates and career decisions.

taylor and kelce date

Where To Bet On Celebrity Relationships?

We are yet to see Kelce and Swift singing in Vegas on the stage. However, we can already see that one day it is going to happen. But what if it won’t? Maybe they will part ways next week. Or perhaps, Swift is going to be pregnant with their child a year ago on this day. We can not predict anything about the chaotic life of celebrities. And this is exactly why the bookies allow you to stake money on their steps.

Most of the time these stakes sometimes have a risk factor. Thus, we highly recommend you practice responsible gambling while betting. But generally speaking, you can not lose with the fact that they are planning to engage each other on the one-year mark. For now, that’s the surest bet on all bookie’s repertoire. To be able to bet, please register at Bovada Sportsbook!

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