King Of Glory KPL Odds – How To Bet On Mobile Esports In 2024?


Posted: May 6, 2024

Updated: May 6, 2024

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Interested in mobile esports? You are always right while viewing esport eventsand you feel like you should bet on your predictions? If yes, then join us as we are going to review the King of Glory KPL odds. This is the best mobile alternative to Wild Rift and League of Legends, with a style that grows further away from the original genre and is becoming more and more unique and stand-alone within the genre.

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Today we are going to talk about the most recent King of Glory KPL odds. If you are not a fan of League of Legends, then maybe King of Glory, or by other names, King’s Honor is going to be your game! We are going to teach you how to bet on this gameand we will introduce you to the general guidelines for mobile gaming. If you are interested in wagering on this game, then you can do it at pretty much any of the online sportsbook sites in Thailand.

However, there are several ways in which you can bet on games outside of this esport too, and we are going to teach you how to bet on any esports game. This is the closest competitor to Wild Rift, which is Riot Game’s mobile esport game. The gameplay is almost the same!

What Is This Game? – King Of Glory KPL Odds

As we said, this game is published by Tencent. Inspired by the popular game, League of Legends, which was inspired by the Warcraft 3 mod, DOTA. King of Glory was the first to pioneer the MOBA game style into mobile gaming. Riot Games tried to sue the company for stealing their idea, however, they won’t the Court, as it was only the game style that was similar. 

According to, we are at the last stage of the competition, the Playoffs, where the finalists are facing off to conclude who is the best. This time, we are going to bet on the absolute winner of the KPL. Whoever wins the KPL is going to be crowned as the champion of the year. If you are interested in betting on this game already, then we highly recommend you register at VAVE Sportsbook!

King's Honor character

The Teams

If you are doubting the quality of this game, we are here to explain which teams are going to compete in this and the next event. Of course, the King of Glory KPL odds demand you to at least recognize some of these teams before you wager. According to Liquipedia, the following teams are competing for the $497,430.08 final prize:

  • AG Super Play
  • Douyu Gaming
  • Dragon Ranger Gaming
  • Edward Gaming
  • eStar Pro
  • Hero JiuJing
  • KuaiShou Gaming
  • Rogue Warriors
  • Royal Never Give Up
  • Talent Gaming
  • Team WE
  • Top Esports Armor
  • Vici Gaming
  • Weibo Gaming
  • Wolves
  • BOA
  • Xianyou Gaming

The prizes are also going to be $165,810.03 for the second place and distribute 

$54,562.28 and $70,574.27 between the losing teams. In conclusion, this esports event is no joke at all!

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The King Of Glory KPL Odds

Now that you know everything about the event, let’s talk about the odds. It takes upon the same format as the King of Glory Spring did. Right now, there are two divisions, each reaching their finals. The odds are the following: 

  • TOP Esports Armor – 2.8
  • eStar Pro – 1.41
  • AG Super Play – 1.62
  • Wolves – 2.22

Right now, we have the eStar Pro and the Wolves who are the most dominant teams in their league. However, the bookies believe that the Wolves are not going to win another KPL. We want to disagree with this, as the Wolves have proven themselves to be similar to T1 in the game. They are absolute professionals in King’s Honor.

mobile esports

Is Mobile Esports Legit?

Yes, they are! While the game is online, it has a different reason. Formerly the game used to have its grandiose stadium events. However, there were worldly events which led to the game to change. According to Pandora during the pandemic, they had to convert to online tournaments.

Therefore, the format seems to remain online until the issue is fully fixed in the world. Playing online tournaments is ten times more sustainable than the energy an esports event costs. Of course, mobile gaming is not easy, but it is totally among the esports careers you can start today. In conclusion, we believe that the King of Glory KPL odds are just as serious as the upcoming F1 odds.

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Betting Picks – King Of Glory KPL Odds

Next up, let’s talk about our betting picks. All it takes to understand the skill cap is to watch a few events. If you have never seen a MOBA before, we recommend you proceed to our beginner’s guide to betting on League.

Last year, the Wolves won the KPL, and this time they are the underdogs against AG Super Play. We highly believe that despite what bookies claim, the Wolves have a high chance to win. They have the skill, the spirit, and of course, the experience. In the other division, we are going to bet on eStar Pro. If you wish to bet on both events, then the best course of action is to place a 60% budget bet on eStar Pro, and a 40% bet on Wolves. Of course, many would disagree with our pick, but we are trusting the Wolves to get a second KPL title.

mobile game betting

How To Bet On Mobile Esports

There are several reasons why we decided to stay with Wolves. But of course, in the end, the decision is fully in your hands! Now that you understand why we have listed the King of Glory KPL odds for 2024. If you are interested in browsing other esport games, and keeping up with the King of Glory / King’s Honor esports games, then we highly recommend you to follow the King Pro League (King of Glory) category at our main site pick.

The odds in this article are the best odds available on the internet, and they are the courtesy of VAVE. Register at VAVE Sportsbook if you are interested in betting on the widest category of esports games! They are always coming with highly relevant and fair odds on all games.

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