King Of Glory Spring Odds – How To Bet On The KPL


Posted: April 14, 2023

Updated: October 31, 2023

  • King Pro League Spring 2023 betting tips
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  • King of Glory Spring odds

In this article, I am going to talk about the King of Glory odds and predictions for 2023. We are going to introduce you to the best mobile eSport and its mother company. Furthermore, we will give you the upcoming odds and our outright predictions for the event. If you are a Wolves fan then we have good news. Because right now they have a bright future in the competition. If the Wolves have a flawless victory, then they even have a chance to take first place. The event ends in early May 2023.

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The King of Glory Spring Odds are already available at online sportsbook sites in China. Therefore, we are going to talk about the most relevant matchups, the best odds, and of course the participating teams. King of Glory is one of the best eSport to bet on this year. Don’t worry if you have never heard about the game yet. Because we will give you a short explanation.

And if you are interested you can register to wager on the professional matches right away. As long as you have played League of Legends or Wild Rift, the game shouldn’t be too complex to understand. Of course, all games have their unique heroes and quirks. However, the general idea of the game is the typical MOBA with the 5v5 arena setup.

Introduction To The King Of Glory Spring Odds

Let’s start by giving you a little introduction to the game. Generally, King of Glory is one of the leading mobile eSports. The game is based in China, which is the main target audience for the game. Originally, the name translates to “Honor of Kings” however King of Glory is a better translation for the game. Therefore, it is a little confusing to find it. If you are new to the game, all you have to do is to google “王者荣耀” or “Wángzhě Róngyào”.

According to Twitter King Pro League, Spring 2020 Week 2 Day 4 has just finished. Which means we are getting closer and closer to the conclusion of the event. Yet we still have a whole month before we reach the finals. You have time to register at VAVE Sportsbook until the beginning of May 2023.

The Participating Teams – King Pro League Spring 2023

Before we start to talk about the King of Glory Spring odds, first let’s introduce you to the list of teams. According to Liquipedia, there are a total of 18 teams facing off during the King Pro League Spring 2023. This means that we already have a good idea of who are the best and worst teams. Right now, we are going to see Wolves and Weibo in action. If they win their upcoming matches they’ll secure their spot in the top 4.

  • Mighty Tiger Gaming
  • Xianyou Gaming
  • Wolves
  • Weibo Gaming
  • Vici Gaming
  • TOP Esports Armor
  • Team World Elite
  • Talent Gaming
  • Royal Never Give Up
  • Rogue Warriors
  • LGD Goose
  • KuaiShow Gaming
  • Hero JiuJing
  • eStar Pro
  • Edward Gaming
  • Dragon Ranger Gaming
  • Douyu Gaming
  • AG Super Play

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King Of Glory Spring Odds – eStar Pro Vs Weibo Gaming

According to Reddit, this is one of the most prestigious events under the ownership of Tencent. If you are unfamiliar with the company, it has owned games such as World of Warcraft, League of Legends, Fortnite, Pokémon Unite, Super Cell, PUBG, and Roblox. No wonder why we have games such as Weibo Gaming striking the competition.

Surprisingly, the big MOBA teams for PC games are at the bottom tier of the competition. And while Weibo is not excellent in PC games. They are leading the charts in this game. However, their next match is going to be against eStar Pro. The bookies favor eStar and they are not entirely wrong. But if you want to risk on Weibo, they come with these amazing odds:

  • eStar Pro – 1.35
  • Weibo Gaming – 3.05

Wolves Vs LGD Goose

Upcoming at the King of Glory Spring odds. We have yet another top-tier team defending its position. The Wolves are one of the strongest teams right now. However, they will face off against a relatively new team, the LGD Goose. This is going to decide the placement for the next week. However, you shouldn’t risk too much this time. Because the odds are not that huge in difference.

If the LGD Goose wins then you will receive an awesome 2.86x return. But can the Goose defeat a Wolf? I bet on the Wolves. But if you are a huge fan of the Goose then this is your dream bet. We have a list of the best mobile esports to bet on. These two teams are not that widespread across the gaming category. Therefore, this bet is a gamble.

  • Wolves – 1.39
  • LGD Goose – 2.86

King Pro League Spring 2023 Predictions

Now that we have given you the King of Glory Spring odds. Let me give you a hint of betting markets that might come to online betting platforms soon. Because the odds change and get released based on the progress of the tournament. This means it’s useful to always return to the same page to double-check the next match-up. For this, I recommend you check out the fastest mobile gaming app. In conclusion, I have the following betting predictions for Kings of Glory:

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KPL Spring 2023 Placement Predictions:

  1. Wolves
  2. Talent Gaming
  3. Rogue Warriors
  4. Weibo Gaming
  5. LGD Goose

Therefore, my outright tournament prediction is that this year Wolves will win the KPL Spring.

Where To Bet On the TheKing Of Glory Spring Odds

In a conclusion, I wish to give you a quick betting guide. Because you don’t need the best smartphones for a casino to be able to place a bet on these websites. All you have to do is to just register at VAVE Sportsbook. Once you are all set and done with the registration process. You can navigate to the betting section by clicking on Sports Betting at the top. King of Glory has its category on the websites.

Select the TENCENT sub-category, because it is a tournament hosted by the mother company of the game. Finally, click on the odds you wish to wager on and purchase your betting slip. Keep in mind that you can pay with cryptocurrency as well. Because VAVE is mainly supporting anonymity and freedom on the internet.

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