Micro Betting And Gambling – How To Use It In Sports Betting


Posted: May 17, 2024

Updated: May 17, 2024

Most common bets revolve around the overall winner of a competition. Or some action that is going to happen during a match or game, but with the bets taken before the action begins. However, with micro betting it's possible to bet on tiny nuances that take place as the game is being played. This drastically increases the number of betting markets, as well as your chances of scoring a win.

Today at Gamingzion.com, we’ll guide you through the world of micro betting. This is a new wave of sports betting fueled by advanced online technology and expanding legalisation. We’ll break down the whole concept for beginners and also offer tips for seasoned bettors as well. 

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What Is Micro Gambling? 

Online sports betting convenience, especially with the use of your mobile phone, has opened the door for a wider range of wagers, including live betting. Micro betting takes this a step further. It combines the excitement of live bets with the specificity of prop bets. In this manner, it allows you to wager on fleeting in-game moments rather than just the final outcome.

Micro Betting In Sports Explained

While micro betting falls under the sports betting umbrella, it diverges from the more traditional lines you might know. Unlike the name suggests, “micro” doesn’t refer to the bet amount. But rather the miniscule gameplay slices you wager on. The key difference lies in accessibility. Traditional betting houses used to require pre-game wagers simply because quickly communicating choices during a game wasn’t feasible. However, fast online platforms like Bet365 Sportsbook revolutionised this. After all, betting from home and in-game betting became possible. This has paved the way for live bets (wagers on events that already transpired). But that’s not quite micro betting yet. We’ll delve deeper into the distinction next.

Micro Gambling vs Live Betting 

According to online gambling news in the US, unlike traditional betting where you pick a pre-game outcome (Chiefs vs. Eagles in the Super Bowl), live betting lets you jump in mid-game. The odds constantly change to adapt to the unfolding action.

micro betting
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In doing so, they create a dynamic and exciting game for some bettors who thrive on analysing the flow of the game and feeling like they’re part of it. While the ever-changing odds might at first seem complex, that’s part of the thrill for those who enjoy live wagers.

Ditch the old-school “Chiefs win” bet. Imagine micro betting where you wager on specific events within a game, like who scores the most touchdowns, which team gets a penalty, or even a fumble! These “micro” bets are smaller, in-game wagers that go beyond the winner and loser. Micro gambling lets you react quickly. You can place bets on fleeting actions. Since they’re based on real-time moments like “who scores next” or “outcome of the next drive,” you’ll need to make your choices fast!

Gamingzion’s Top Micro Gambling Tips

Before you dive into the fast-paced world of micro betting, with a sportsbook like Bet365 Sportsbook, be aware it’s a double-edged sword. If you enjoy the thrill of reacting to on-the-fly action, micro betting might be your game. However, those who prefer pre-game decisions and watching the game unfold might want to stick to traditional bets. Micro betting’s key factor is the lightning-fast shift in odds. You’ll need razor-sharp reflexes to spot an opportunity. Then you have to make a call, and place your bet before the window closes.

But there is an easier way to conquer this speed demon. We suggest that you utilise your sports betting app. Having it handy while watching the game allows for quick odds checks and timely bets. Always start small, (a pro tip for any new game), but it’s  especially crucial here. As such, it’s always a good idea to test the waters with small sums. This’ll help to avoid frustration if you encounter technical difficulties during the placing process. Also be sure to familiarise yourself with the app’s micro betting options beforehand to streamline the process. Yet don’t underestimate the power of research though! make sure you perform a pre-game analysis of teams and individual players. Just like you would do in regular sports betting. Knowing these details will be your secret weapon as you’ll have to make split-second decisions in the heat of the micro betting action.

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Bet £10 & Get £30 in Free Bets for new customers at bet365. Min deposit requirement. Free Bets are paid as Bet Credits and are available for use upon settlement of bets to value of qualifying deposit. Min odds, bet and payment method exclusions apply. Returns exclude Bet Credits stake. Time limits and T&Cs apply

Why It’s Becoming So Popular?

Micro betting is shaking up the sports betting world. Even the iGaming industry experts see it as a potential game-changer. Unlike traditional wagers that require waiting for a whole game or even season to unfold, micro betting offers a faster, much more dynamic experience. This is very appealing to casual bettors who are looking for instant gratification. They can place quick wagers on specific in-game events at all the best online sportsbook sites in the US. Things like the next play or scoring drive, and know the outcome within minutes. This fast-paced format bypasses the long wait times associated with traditional bets. As such it makes it a perfect fit for those who want a more immediate thrill.

This shift towards bite-sized wagers could also reshape the sports betting market. Instead of relying on high-rollers placing large bets, micro betting opens the door to a wider range of players. With smaller investments and bankrolls, more casual fans can dip their toes into the world of sports betting. This could lead to a significant increase in the overall number of bettors. In effect it could create a thriving market fueled by many small wagers rather than a few large ones.

Types of Micro Bets By Sport

Micro betting isn’t just about the speed. It’s also about the variety. As this exciting format takes hold, expect even more unique types of bets to emerge. But for now, let’s explore the current options across some popular sports:

  • Football: Feel the intensity of every down with micro-bets on field goal outcomes (made or missed!), the next drive’s result (touchdown, punt, turnover?), or even the next play itself (pass completion, interception, fumble?).
  • Baseball: Expand your thinking beyond the final score. Will there be more runs in the upcoming inning (totals bet)? Can you predict the outcome of the next batter’s at-bat (strikeout, walk, home run)? These bets let you put your knowledge of pitching matchups and hot hitters to the test.
micro betting
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  • Soccer: Every possession is a micro-betting opportunity! Will the next goal come from your favourite team (moneylines)? How about the number of corner kicks awarded in the next ten minutes?
  • Tennis: Turn up the tension with a wager on the winner of the very next point.  This fast-paced betting option keeps you engaged with every rally.
  • Golf: These bets on golf let you zoom in on the precision of each shot.  Will the golfer sink that crucial birdie putt?  The suspense builds as you watch your micro-bet unfold.
  • Basketball:  The drama of free throws intensifies with micro-bets!  Will the star player make or miss that pressure free throw?

These are just a taste of micro betting.  As this new format continues to evolve, expect even more exciting wagering opportunities to emerge across your favourite sports.

Best Sport For Micro Gambling?

While micro betting thrives across many sports, soccer/football offers unique advantages that make it a favourite for many bettors. Here’s why:

  • A Global Game With Constant Action: Soccer’s immense popularity translates to a near-constant stream of matches somewhere in the world. This allows bettors to easily find games and jump in on the action whenever they desire.
  • A Slower Burn: Compared to high-scoring sports like basketball, soccer’s lower-scoring nature means the excitement can stretch throughout the game. This creates more opportunities for micro-bets on specific events within the match, keeping the engagement high.
  • Strategic Spectacle:  Soccer’s focus on tactics and player positioning provides a rich environment for micro-bets. Bettors can leverage their knowledge of team formations and individual skill sets to make informed wagers on things like next goal scorer, corner kicks in a specific timeframe, or even successful tackles.

While soccer offers these advantages, it’s important to remember that micro betting can be exciting in many sports. Let’s explore the options available and see which suits you best.

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Bet £10 & Get £30 in Free Bets for new customers at bet365. Min deposit requirement. Free Bets are paid as Bet Credits and are available for use upon settlement of bets to value of qualifying deposit. Min odds, bet and payment method exclusions apply. Returns exclude Bet Credits stake. Time limits and T&Cs apply

Micro-Betting Mastery – Things To Watch Out For

Micro betting may be fast-paced, but that doesn’t mean ditching your usual sports betting research altogether. Here’s why pre-game knowledge is your secret weapon:

  • Informed Decisions in a Flash: The beauty of this betting style is reacting to the moment. But without a good understanding of the teams, players, and even past betting trends, those split-second decisions are nothing more than guesses. Research gives you the power to make informed bets on the fly.
  • Knowing When to Act: Not all betting opportunities are created equal. By going through past performance and current conditions, you can identify situations ready for a winning bet. Research helps you separate genuine opportunities from mere hunches.
  • Tracking Your Wins and Losses: Performance analysis isn’t just about the teams – it’s also about you too. Keeping track of your results allows you to identify your strengths and weaknesses. 

Research combined with self-analysis is the ultimate recipe for micro betting success. Remember, while luck can play a role, knowledge is the key to making consistent winning decisions in the fast lane of micro betting.

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