How to Manage Your Bankroll Properly in Sports Betting?


Posted: September 22, 2020

Updated: December 11, 2020

  • Bet with money you can afford to lose
  • Depending on your purpose, think of the unit size beforehand
  • Track your records
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Bankroll management in sports betting constitutes an important part of betting on sports that all gamblers should know about. And it’s not only a matter in sports betting, bankroll management in Blackjack, Poker, Roulette, etc. games is also important. Since gambling is all about dealing with money and you have to know how to manage it properly.  

Simply put – bankroll management is what lets you make sure that you stay profitable. How to allocate your bankroll, how to track your success, etc. all are crucial aspects of sports betting that you need to know before you start gambling. 

The First Step in Bankroll Management in Sports Betting

The first step of bankroll management in sports betting is to separate money for betting and put them aside. That’s pretty easy. You just decide how much you’re able and willing to lose, and reserve that amount for betting. Thus, you determine the size of your bankroll. That’s also one of the first things that you should do when it comes to roulette bankroll management

But it still depends on some factors. Whether you are a newbie or a professional, gambling for fun or more seriously, etc., you’ll need to separate different amounts. 

So, separate as much as you want, just make sure you can afford to lose. Though you’re not necessarily going to lose money, you need to be ready for the worst-case scenarios.

You might enter one of the online gambling sites in the US to have some fun. If so, separate some money from your monthly salary that you’re fine losing.

But some consider betting more seriously and turned it into their career. Those who do, need to allocate funds daily. 

How to Define the Right Unit Size?

Once you decide on the amount you can afford to lose, you should next think of the percentage of the bankroll to put on wagers. If you’re a newbie, it’s better to keep the unit size consecutive. Choose a range of around 1-5%.

So, you start with betting 1-2% of the bankroll. The more professional you get in gambling, you can gradually increase your bets. And if you researched enough and gained enough knowledge, you can raise the size to about 4-5% of the bankroll. If you hesitate in choosing the unit size, try to use online gambling bonuses in the US to understand better what works for you. You can find great bonuses and online gambling promotions in the US at Ignition Casino and some other reputable sites. 

That’s a very important part of bankroll management in sports betting. If you choose the unit size wrong, you may end up losing more than you planned to. 

Track the Records to See If You Succeed or Not

Another crucial aspect of bankroll management in sports betting is record tracking. How will understand whether you succeed or not if you don’t track your bets? Online casinos in the US make it possible to take the notes of the games, so, you can easily track your bets. That information will let you understand what you should focus on. That’s also why you should separate your money from the beginning. If you don’t do this, you’ll simply have it all mixed and confusing. Apparently, you won’t be able to keep track of your progress as well. 

Always Reevaluate Your Results to See If There’s Something to Change

Coming back to what we just discussed, you need to keep the track of your results. If you’re vising gambling sites with a purpose, then, you need to work on your progress. Surely, assessing the results and making changes if needed is an inseparable part of success. And that’s not going to be possible if you don’t track your bets. Thus, if you see that you’re doing something wrong, it’s always better to make changes and try another method. 

Bankroll management in sports betting
The best way to increse your bankroll if you play safe

You can raise your original bankroll. If you see that you’re doing pretty good and make a good return, you’re on the right way. So, you can increase your bankroll size for higher profits. 

Keeping up with the same bankroll level. Again, if you see that you manage to make good profits, then, you can keep on the same bankroll and leave the same bets. Certainly, that’s not what you should do if you’ve been losing some of your latest bets. Avoid chasing your losses and take a break instead. Think of the new winning methods and analyze how you’re been proceeding and come back refreshed.

And last, you can decrease your initial bankroll size. If you notice extra losses that you didn’t even plan to lose, then it’s better to decrease your bankroll size. You can think of a more effective strategy as well.   

What Poor Bankroll Management in Sports Betting Can Lead To?

It’s not a rare thing to see someone at a casino consistently winning and ending up losing everything. But being successful in the beginning does not mean you will always win. Without a strategy, knowledge, and bankroll management in sports betting you won’t go so far. And that’s the case with those bettors who are successful in the beginning and then have no single penny left in the wallet. That should not be a discouragement for you but rather a motivation to learn more about gambling. Because it’s possible indeed to win if you know what you’re placing bets on.

Thus, gambling is not all about luck, especially when it comes to sports betting though there is a role of luck in gambling. But in sports, your skills and knowledge matter much more. And proper bankroll management is one of those skills that you need to acquire if you want to become successful in gambling.  

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