Klose Is Going for a New Record, While Muller is Playing Catch Up: Latest World Cup Betting Odds

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Miroslav Klose has already broken Ronaldo’s record of most World Cup goals, but he has yet another match to improve that.

Remember when Ronaldo set the record of 15 World Cup goals for Brazil on June 27th, 2006, scoring the first goal against Ghana? Everyone expected him to score more, but Brazil lost to France in the quarters and it was the last time we saw Ronaldo play for the Selecao. Still everyone expected the record to stand for years to come.

And of course it did, until Miroslav Klose scored the second of what was to be seven in Germany’s 7-1 humiliation of Brazil in their home World Cup semi-final. Yes, now, Klose has 16 World Cup goals, and he still has one game left to score more – the final on Sunday. He’s actually prices at 3.40 odds at online sportsbooks in Germany to find the back of the net at any time, and at 7.00 to score first.

Who’s next in line to beat Miroslav Klose

After Miroslav Klose broke the World Cup scoring record a number of interesting bets opened

Online sportsbooks in Germany favor Thomas Muller to beat Klose’s record

• There’s still one game left for Klose to improve the record

• Muller is only six goals behind his teammate in the overall table

The 36 year-old striker has played at four World Cups including the current one, and so far has score twice this year. This will most certainly be his last tournament, and we can expect him to announce his retirement from international football pretty soon.

What’s very interesting right now, is the betting lines already given to those who bet on sports in Germany for who will topple Klose’s record. Thomas Muller is widely regarded as great successor to Miroslav Klose. At 24-years of age he will most certainly continue to play for Germany and poses a very real threat to the current record of 16 goals. Muller has 10 goals after just two World Cup appearances, including a hat-trick against Portugal.

He won the Golden Boot in South Africa, and is currently priced at 3.50 from Bet365 to become the first man to win it twice in a row. He’s currently only one goal behind Colombia’s James Rodriguez, who is of course already out of the competition, while Muller still has one game to score one or more goals. Muller got a pretty hefty 7.00 odds to break Klose’s record at any time during his career.

Thomas Muller has scored 22 goals during his 55 overall appearances for Germany. Naturally, he’s chances of catching up to Klose are quite big and betting on him to break the record is a smart move at this point. If he manages to continue until 36 years of age like Klose did, Muller can play in five World Cups, giving him plenty of opportunities to score the remaining 6 goals that separate the two Germans right now.

Betting on the final

The much-anticipated 2014 World Cup final will be taking place on Sunday, July 13 in Rio. This is where both Miroslav Klose and Thomas Muller will have yet another opportunity to score even more goals than they already have. Bookmakers under German gambling laws favor Joachim Low’s men to win at 2.30 odds, while Argentina got 3.50 odds.

In case the game is taken to the extra time, punters can collect at 6.50 odds, and should Germany win after 120 minutes – the payout is 12.00, while Argentina’s win after extra time will deliver a longer line of 15.00. The price for the final being taken to penalties is 5.50, and in case Germany wins on the shoot-outs they price is 11.00 same as for the Albiceleste.

Thomas Muller got equal odds with Lionel Messi to score first – 5.50 from Bet365, and the two rivals also share the odds for scoring at any time during the game: 2.75. Miroslav Klose is next in line with 3.50 odds to score at any time and with 7.00 odds to find the back of the net first.

But scoring just once is not enough, is it? That’s why Bet365 also offers a great line of 12.00 on Thomas Muller scoring twice or more, and he also got an amazing 51.00 odds to score a hat-trick or even more. These odds are actually identical to those received by Lionel Messi. As for Klose, his lines in this respect are 19.00 for scoring 2 or more, and a whopping 101.00 for at least a hat-trick.

Scorecast betting has become pretty popular lately and here are some of the offers for the Sunday’s final. Thomas Muller to score first and Germany to win 1-0 will pay at 15.00. Muller to score first and Germany to win 2-0 brings a 23.00 payout. Muller to open the score, but Argentina to fight back and win 2-1 pays at 86.00.

As for Klose, his first goal and German success of 1-0 pays at 17.00 odds, but 2-0 – already gives 26.00 odds. In case he scored first, but Argentina goes on to turn the tables to 2-1, the bookies will pay at 101.00. Lionel Messi to be the first scorer and 1-0 success for Argentina has a price of 16.00, while 2-0 pays at 31.00. But if Messi opens the score, and Germany still manages to win 2-1 the payout will equal to 66.00.

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