Lamar Jackson Trade – Will Lamar Get A New Team?


Posted: March 30, 2023

Updated: March 30, 2023

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In this article, we are going to talk about the Lamar Jackson trade agreement and the complications surrounding his new team. Because the Ravens want to keep him. However, he wants more money, for at least a five-year contract. On the contrary, no other team wants to sign someone for five years for 32 billion dollars. This is where his value has outgrown the current teams. It is a rather interesting situation. And you can even bet on it.

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If you have ever followed American football, then you probably know who Lamar Jackson is. If you are new, don’t worry. Because it’s enough to know that he is the greatest quarterback of all time. 26 years old yet he is having the whole competition in his hand. However, the Lamar Jackson trade is not going well. Because of his current team, the Ravens have decided to allow him to make contracts with new teams.

Yet no one is racing for him. There are a handful of reasons why none of the teams wants to give him a contract. We are going to explain the reasons. If you would like to bet on the future of Lamar Jackson. Then please register at any of the online sportsbook sites in the US. Because these sites are going to bring you exciting props and markets on the Ravens and his next team.

Lamar Jackson Trade Agreement

Lamar Jackson took his well-deserved place among the best American football players. The man was also on the list of Kim Kardashian’s next boyfriend odds. And now he is allowed to sign a contract with a different team. Which means he is still a part of the Baltimore Ravens. However, he may already meet teams to make a contract agreement. In exchange for some advantage in the draft.

However, the Ravens still hope to keep Lamar Jackson on the team. Because the athlete has rejected a six figures deal. Which means that Lamar Jackson expects more. Yet, the reality did not meet his expectations. Even though Jackson has missed out on the last five matches of the previous season. The Ravens would still love to have him. Yet he believed he shouldn’t stay on the team for five additional years.

Why No One Wants Lamar Jackson?

There are many reasons why the Lamar Jackson trade agreement did not go as planned. According to ESPN, each team has its explanation. Therefore, each team has a different reason to not pursue Jackson yet. The following opinions are reported:

  • Falcons: Concerned about a long-term viability
  • Panthers: Focusing on draft, a bit too expensive
  • Lions: Already have a quarterback
  • Colts: They fear compromising the future
  • Patriots: The coach is not willing to share plans

  • Jets: No. Because they want to acquire Aaron Rodgers
  • 49ers: They have three quarterback players. Therefore, it’s not in their interest.
  • Seahawks: Couldn’t afford (Similar to other teams.)

In conclusion, each team has its problems. Some rich teams already have players they believe in. Others fear the future and the compatibility with the players. Then some of the other teams just simply can not afford him. But people acknowledge that he is the best.

Is He Still Playing For The Ravens?

The Lamar Jackson trade did not happen yet. The Ravens still wish to keep him. However, they allow him to see other teams and write an agreement which the Ravens have to sign as well. No wonder why they wish to keep Jackson. Because he is at the top of the 2023 Super Bowl betting odds this year. The answer is that Lamar Jackson is a wild card at the moment. He did not accept the offer from the Ravens yet.

He is actively looking for a different team. However, he is still a part of the team. If no other teams will take him, we can expect him to continue his career at the Ravens. However, I wouldn’t bet on him playing for the Ravens until the conclusion is made. Because in the end, the paper signature and money will decide everything.

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Lamar Jackson Trade Predictions

Now that you know the whole story about the Lamar Jackson trade agreement. Let’s talk about my predictions. Because this guy has his value and everyone agrees with it. But as you can learn above, no one wants to take him this early into the season. Furthermore, they are questioning whether his skills would last as long as he expects to receive a contract. According to Clutchpoints, his worth is $32.4 million.

Which is an extreme amount to pay for a player. Some of the winning clubs can afford that. Especially if the player is going to bring the cash back for them. But would Lamar Jackson bring the cashback? Is he the quarterback they need? Maybe he would be an awesome addition to the team. But right now, the Patriots don’t have it. I believe that the Patriots will take him nonetheless.

What Is His Actual Value?

According to The Athletic, the Patriots are not going to pursue Lamar Jackson. Which means that he might not be worth $32.4 million.

Lamar Jackson trade
Picture Source: Flickr

Well, relatively speaking. Because the Lamar Jackson trade is not going to work out as he expected. Therefore, he has a paper value. Everyone agrees that he deserves the money.

But can they afford the money? Do they want to afford the money? No. It’s a situation where he is worth too much, which nullifies his value. We are talking about dream teams being afraid of giving him an offer. He either cuts his prize, or teams will not be able to approach him. 

Where To Bet On The Lamar Jackson Trade?

Now that you know everything about this story. I highly recommend you register at Bovada Sportsbook. Because that’s where you can bet on football legends such as Lamar Jackson. You are going to find odds on his next team as well. I recommend you hurry up and register.

Because we are getting closer and closer to a conclusion to these deals. This means that the bookies are not going to allow a new prop once it’s confirmed. But right now is the best time to bet on which team Jackson will manage to get into. Is he going to stay with the Ravens? Will he be the new quarterback for the Patriots?

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