Las Vegas 10 Years Ago – An Anniversary Trip Down Memory Lane


Posted: December 20, 2023

Updated: December 20, 2023

  • Las Vegas in 2014
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  • Las Vegas 10 Years Ago

Today we are going to bring you back to Las Vegas 10 Years ago. Let’s remember what it looked and felt like when the Neon Signs left the city. Nowadays, we have the whole Sphere, which is a dome of high-tech holograms. But there was a time when the authentic neon colors were painting the city, while Britney Spears’ voice was heard from all over Nevada for a whole month.

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This is our anniversary article where we will take a trip down memory lane. Thus, we will discover what Las Vegas 10 years ago was like. What was the greatest news, and generally: What happened? We will refresh our memory from the most glorious, interesting, and unfortunate events that have taken place in Sin City. Make sure to register at the online gambling sites in the US to be able to relive the same vibes, by browsing the 2014-2023 selection of gambling games.

In just under 10 years, humanity has completely changed. In 2014, smartphones were still new to the world, and the internet was in children’s shoes. However, now we are living in the era of robots, artificial intelligence, and of course, virtual reality gambling. Join us, and let’s discover the future together.

Queen Of Vegas Pop: Britney Spears – Las Vegas 10 Years Ago

Do you remember the time when Britney was in Las Vegas 10 years ago? Well, the Queen of Pop seems to be resurrecting in 2024. And for that, we are eternally grateful. In 2014 she made Las Vegas loud with her concrete which managed to have all the seats sold out. We even wrote a whole article on Brintey Spears and gambling.

After the concerts, the creators of land-based slot machines were quick to jump to turn the Britney Spears song into a modern slot machine game franchise. Nowadays, you may remember 2004-2014 by simply entering a casino to try this amazing Britney Spears slot. And of course, we know Britney to be the Queen of Las Vegas. All of her shows were an absolute hit. Helicopters bring her to Vegas, and the fans make the streets undrivable. Register at BC. Game Casino to relive this era!

Las Vegas in Neon

Cromwell Refreshment

Britney was not the only person to bring new energy to these games. According to the Las Vegas Weekly, it used to need an extreme makeover due to its old-fashioned style. And in 2014 it received the proper update! They have implemented a whole new world of Nightlife improvements.

Namely, these were the Drai’s Beach Club, Nightclub, and Giada. These joined the most popular nightlife destinations on the Strip for 2014. And of course, even to this day, they are popular hotspots for gamblers, tourists, and locals. In conclusion, Cromwell truly managed to resurrect the brand in Las Vegas 10 years ago.

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Venetian Hits 25 Anniversary – Las Vegas 10 Years Ago

The Cromwell needed an update. However, some of the casino resorts were in a completely different situation. 10 years ago, the Venetian celebrated its 25th anniversary. Meaning that they are one of the most famous casinos in the history of the Las Vegas Strip. This means that this is going to be the 35th year when the Venetian is still existing. Keep in mind that this year many things have happened.

This means that the celebration might not be as honest as it used to be. But generally speaking, it is still among the most outstanding pieces of entertainment. Keep in mind that there are countless amounts of events to visit in Las Vegas, and you will not be bound to this one alone.

Britney spears in Vegas

Neon Museum Opening

Let’s move on to the Neon Museum. This is one of the greatest gambling museums ever created. In the minds of people who haven’t visited Vegas, it is still a neon jungle with several neon signs. But the reality is far away from this. We no longer see the neon-light sensations in the cities. Most of these places have switched from NEON to an LCD screen, or something similar of nature.

In conclusion, there were tons of neon signs to be scrapped away. Meaning that there are countless amounts of different neon signs all over the old parking-lot place. While this is not the biggest sensation on Earth, at the same time. If you wish to see the real signs displayed in the old times, then this will be a great refreshment for you. This was Las Vegas 10 years ago.

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The EDC – Las Vegas 10 Years Ago

Do you remember the amazing EDC in Vegas? If not, then let us refresh your memory. According to the Electric Daisy Carnival, the 2014 event featured roughly 214 artists, including names such as Diplo. Generally, this is one of the greatest carnivals and musical techno festivals ever.

Countless DJ-s performing, with an outstanding visual pairing to the old vibes. The EDC is one of the strangest events, where you are going to see expensive cars and interesting light techniques. In conclusion, the EDC is a popular event in Las Vegas, and in 2014 it made one of the greatest headlines. We can expect yet another EDC to happen in either 2024 or 2025.

policemen in Vegas

Unfortunate 2014 Las Vegas Shootings

Las Vegas 10 years ago was much more dangerous than it is today. According to the NBC News, two police, and three additional citizens were harmed during the shootings. This was truly an unfortunate event, but after this, the police defense force decided to improve their education, alertness, and act of operation. Ever since, the streets of Las Vegas have become relatively safer.

However, in a few years, we are even going to see robot guards at the casinos. This is going to keep most of the Las Vegas citizens safe, as these robot guards are going to alert the police based on crime recognition. The guards can not be damaged physically, as they are going to be made out of pure bullet-proof shields.

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Shania Twain Rocked The City

Finally, let’s finish our article on Las Vegas 10 years ago on a cheerful event. Because Shania Twain’s concert was so huge, even to this day the 2014 Las Vegas search throws up clips of her performance. This is where Shania Twain has managed to bring peace to Las Vegas. Truly, it was equally great as the Lady Gaga show in 2023.

If you are interested in such performances, then you should visit Vegas when one of your favorite performers is visiting. Because Las Vegas is Sin City, they are going to bring you a more adult experience than you would expect in different states. And if you are interested in just playing games? Register at BC. Game Casino.

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