Last Celebrity Boxing Odds In 2023 – Jake Paul, Conor McGregor!


Posted: November 29, 2023

Updated: November 29, 2023

  • Jake Paul vs Andre August
  • Connor McGregor vs True Geordie
  • Last celebrity boxing odds in 2023

This is our potentially last celebrity boxing article in 2023! This is because the New Year is coming, and soon we are going to list the upcoming fights for 2024! However, these are the last celebrity boxing odds in 2023! Join us and experience the final fight in the year that is coming for Jake Paul. And then, we can open the next year with the first celebrity fight between Conor McGregor and True Geordie.

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Today we are going to introduce you to the last celebrity boxing odds in 2023. This means that we are going to give you our opinions, predictions, and betting picks. Furthermore, we are going to introduce you to both fighters, in case this is your first time hearing about them. If you are interested in similar events, then please take a look at our repertoire for online sportsbook sites in the US.

Because celebrity boxing has become very popular lately. We have seen events arranged by YouTubers such as Idubbz where famous streamers and YouTubers have clashed against each other. On top of that, this year was extremely fruitful for everyone’s former influence, Jake Paul. Because he managed to get into professional boxing.

About The Last Celebrity Boxing Odds In 2023

Let’s start by introducing you to the events themselves. If you are interested in the core topic, then please read my other article: Why is celebrity boxing popular? Lately, it seems that we are no longer interested in great fighters alone. In the same way we enjoyed cartoon crossovers as kids, now as adults we like to see our favorite celebrities fighting each other. Especially once the (often promotional) Twitter drama has been established.

The first event is about Jake Paul and Andre August. You can buy tickets for Caribe Royale, Orlando, Florida to visit the fight. The other is not yet confirmed, and it is supposed to be the very first celebrity fight of 2024. If you are interested in betting on either, then please register at Bovada Sportsbook!

Jake Paul vs Andre August

Jake Paul Vs Andre August

This is a confirmed fight! According to Reddit, this is an extremely fair fight. Because Andre August has been one of the successful boxers who hasn’t lost but has taken a break. Therefore, this is the perfect entry for Jake Paul who is yet undefeated. In conclusion, we believe that this is one of the most worthy to be among the last celebrity boxing odds in 2023. If Jake Paul wins, he can start the next year as an official professional boxer. However, if he loses, then Andre is going to jump back into his boxing career by next year. This is a win-win for everyone, no matter who wins or loses. 

  • Jake Paul – 1.333
  • Andre August – 3.00

As you can see, the bookies are favoring the undefeated Jake Paul, who has had great successes in the near past.

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Our Prediction – Last Celebrity Boxing Odds In 2023

According to the MMA Mania, the overall stats are the following for the fighters:

Jake Paul: 7-1, 4

Andre August: 10-1, 5

While these statistics alone are not going to determine their shape and style in the present, we can see how even this fight is. Both of them are new to losing fights, and they have nearly equal stats.

While Andre August’s total wins exceed JP’s by 3, at the same time, we all have to understand that Jake Paul’s streak is recent, while Andre August has built this record up over time. And we saw how easily Jake Paul defeated Nate Diaz. In conclusion, we highly believe that this fight is going to be won by Jake Paul. At this point, it is an EV bet for all the sportsbook bettors to wager against August.

True Geordie vs Connor McGregor

True Geordie Vs Conor McGregor

The last celebrity boxing odds in 2023 are not ending with Jake Paul. The dream opponent of Jake Paul, Conor McGregor, might jump back into the ring. However, he is still not giving Paul what he is wishing for. Instead, he is going to find True Geordie, who is a worthy opponent when it comes to age and build.

According to the Give Me Sport, McGregor called True Geordie a “fat b******” in one of his tweets. As a response to this, Geordie has posted a half-naked picture, where he indeed was rather ripped. This is hinting at a possible fight if the two are going to continue poking at each other. And we are all down for betting on McGregor winning!

  • Conor McGregor – 1.083
  • True Geordie – 7.00

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Predictions For The Last Celebrity Boxing Odds In 2023

As we all expect this, the bookies are favoring Conor McGregor. For one, it seems like he is the one who wants to fight more than True Geordie. True Geordie seems to be calm about Conor yapping on Twitter. But at the same time? Conor McGregor is probably going to win if the fight even happens. He has much more experience, and he is an amazing fighter.

Everyone wants to fight him to prove their worth and pull their weight in boxing. And if you are looking for the future generation who will challenge him? Then please check out our list of the top 7 UFC betting picks for 2024.

How to bet on celebrity boxing

Where To Bet?

These are going to be the last celebrity boxing odds in 2023. However, the end of the year means nothing in the world of shit-talking and constant celebrity boxing events. Thus, if you are interested in future events, then you should register at one of the sportsbook sites. We recommend you register at Bovada Sportsbook.

They have a consistency with custom bets, extremely specific and unpopular betting lines, and of course, great odds to pair these with them. You can even bet on the specifics by clicking on the name of the event as if expanding the micro-bets within the outright odds. If you are interested, just register at Bovada Sportsbook today!

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