Latest Indian Betting Scandal Hits Politicians In Rajasthan

Indian Betting Scandal

Whilst much of the world laughs at the farce that is a Donald Trump White House in Rajasthan the onset of an election year has brought those aiming for high office to some pretty low tactics with the recent spate of viral videos of this latest Indian betting scandal just another example of the weaponization of social media for political ends, and any Indian gambling laws of decency and decorum will prevail this side of the election should probably think again.

  • Why has Rameshwar Dudi been accused of gambling on by-elections?
  • What do the BJP hope to gain by the release of this viral video?
  • Is Parliament being adjourned twice in an hour good for Democracy?
  • Is election year politics in Rajasthan going to get out of control?

The video of Rameshwar Dudi, leader of local opposition was released by the ruling BJP depicting him admitting his part in this Indian betting scandal and crowing about the thousands he’d won gambling (as if he were in a casino in India and not in politics) on the Alwar, Ajmer Lok Sabha and Mandalgarh by-elections went viral instantly and was raised in parliament to the consternation of Opposition MPs who see this as just the BJP online gambling in India the mud is best spread across the internet.

A Very Indian Betting Scandal

“The video is false. I have nothing to do with it.” Said Dudi in a stormy parliamentary session that saw the chamber adjourned twice in the space of an hour, with his fellow opposition MPs countering that they had video too, most notably of the local Minister for Health urinating in public. Of course if you’re sat in a poker room in India laughing at this very Indian betting scandal, just remember you never know who is listening or watching, although that probably is only really of importance to those trying to get elected.

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