Latest KENO Lottery Odds – December 2020

  • KENO is a popular lottery game in Eastern Europe
  • Many draws are coming in December - play or bet on them!
latest KENO lottery odds

KENO is one of the most popular lotteries in Eastern Europe. If you are looking for fresh draws to try your luck, check the latest KENO lottery odds in December 2020. They may help you to win millions every day, especially before the upcoming winter holidays. 

The lottery is probably the most famous game of chance. According to the statistics, approximately 180 million people play the lotto in the US every year. The number of adults playing lotto in the UK exceeds 43 million. This popular game of luck is also widespread in Europe and, in particular, in Ukraine.

Ukraine has a wide range of lotteries to play. Lotto fans can find Super Loto, Loto Maxima, Loto Triyka, and many other games at online gambling sites in Ukraine. However, KENO has been the most popular lottery in the country for decades. Read more about the #1 lotto game in Ukraine to know where and why you should try it. Don’t forget to check the latest KENO lottery odds too!

KENO is the most popular national lottery in Ukraine

What is KENO? Before checking the latest KENO lottery odds, let’s get familiar with this game. KENO is not only the most popular lottery in Ukraine but also belongs to its national lotto games. Having appeared in 1997, the Ukrainian national lottery legally draws millions every day. The country’s residents and guests can play KENO at either offline or online sources such as online sportsbooks in Ukraine or install apps on their devices.

The Ukrainian national lottery has paid more than 1000 super prizes during its existence. The biggest jackpot of 15,200,000 UAH (almost 442,000 euro) was paid to an anonymous lucky man in 2011. Do you want to become the next millionaire? If yes, check the odds for KENO this winter!

latest KENO lottery odds
Let’s play!

Here are the latest KENO lottery odds in December 2020

Players can take part in any KENO lottery draw at most lotto sites in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, and Baltic countries. The game is available to play offline, but most players prefer to try their luck online for a number of reasons: it is faster, more comfortable, and possible to play several games simultaneously. You can find all upcoming draws at the official UNL site and win 10,000,000 hryvnias (~300,000 euro) this December.

Meanwhile, you can also bet on the next draw at 1xBET Sportsbook. Every day, the sportsbook updates bets on the draw outcome. If you don’t want to play the lottery itself, check the latest KENO lottery odds, and win money. To do it, sign up for 1XBET Sportsbook, check the “Lottery” section on a daily basis to find the latest odds on KENO draws.

KENO bets widen your betting horizons like nothing else. If you don’t take part in its draws, you can wager on 20 numbers to be drawn next time – like in a real lottery. Besides this, you can predict the number of odd or even balls to be drawn and their total sum. In addition, such bets as the highest/lowest drawn number are also available at 1xBET Sportsbook.

You can discover more about 1xBet Sportsbook here.

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