Do You Love Poker Enough to Make a Tattoo of It?

  • Make a tattoo to distract others and have the advantage in a game
  • If your soulmate loves playing poker too, you can make poker tattoos for couples
poker tattoos

Poker has been a favorite pastime of many gamblers to the point that some of those got inspired to make poker tattoos. 

Well, poker is definitely a game that’s worth loving. It’s not just one of the luck games where you can do barely anything to win. You have to focus on the game, do a lot of research, analyze and try to generate your own winning poker strategies. So, you should rely on your skills and practice rather than just Lady of Luck which actually makes the game more exciting and entertaining. This makes your brain work constantly, thus, training it. That’s one of the best reasons to play poker online, but there are also many other reasons though. Once you enter one of the online casinos in the US and start playing poker, you will understand the motivation of those who tattooed their bodies with poker symbols. Or, you will not… But it will still be nice to see some crazy ideas for a tattoo!  

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Simple Poker Tattoos

Let’s start with the simplest ideas for poker-themed tattoos. If you just want to make a poker-related tattoo on your body, here is one of the ideas that you might pick. Sometimes, simplicity is the best. Especially in poker, where it’s so easy to lose control over the fanciness of the tattoo. You can illustrate the main poker symbols just as one this photo. You can adjust the sizes according to your preferences, though. 

poker tattoos
Wow! Great Design

When You Love Poker So Much…

…that you are willing to show your love to everyone and tattoo your chest!

Well, love is not a crime. Even if it’s a love of poker (unless you cheat, but we’re sure you don’t). Some people tattoo the names of their life partners and some can tattoo the poker cards.

poker tattoos

Find Your Poker-Loving Soulmate and Make Couple Poker Tattoos Together!

What luck it is to find someone with the same interests as you have. And if that interest is poker you can go for poker tattoos for couples! So, you can be her king and she will be your queen… Or the other way round, whatever is comfortable for you both. Ultimate romance.

poker tattoos
So freaking cute

You Can Play Poker With Poker Face on in Any Possible Meaning of This Expression

Again, one of the most important and maybe weird rules of playing poker – have your poker face on. No one has to understand what’s on your mind. But this guy seems to have taken this phrase too literally. Well, at least it will distract other players and give a competitive advantage to you if you do the same. 

poker tattoos
Never accept your friends’ tattoo advices

In Case You Need Some More Inspiration

There are still many ideas for poker tattoos all over the internet. So, if you need some more inspiration and ideas for poker-themed tattoos, you can find some below. 

Playing poker at online gambling sites in the US can also give you some ideas for tattoos. Try playing the best poker variants at Bet365 Poker


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